6 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

This Christmas, you can find everything you need at Oxford House – for everyone you know!

We’ve worked on the ultimate gift list to help you find the perfect present for every type of person in your life. Most of these appliances are not only small enough to wrap up and put under your tree, but large enough to make life a little better every day for the lucky recipient! The list below will help you choose the right Christmas gift for the right person – we can guarantee it!


The Wine Connoisseur – Dunavox DX-19.58SSK


Whether they’re looking to keep their whites chilled or their reds cool, this is the kind of wine cooler that wine connoisseurs would love to have in their home. The Dunavox DX-19.58SSK can hold up to 19 bottles, allowing easy access to your favourite wine at the optimum temperature.


The Clean Freak – Bosch Athlet

We all know someone who insists they have OCD and cannot bear to see a single speck of dust anywhere in the house. You can make their life easier with the Bosch Athlet, where less is truly more. The lightweight system is not only wireless thanks to its rechargeable batteries, but it’s also bagless, meaning you have less maintenance to deal with while the vacuum remains exceptionally powerful.



The Masterchef – Bosch MCM3501M

This multi-accessory Bosch food processor can help the ultimate masterchef save precious time on slicing and dicing, and more time to style their dishes to their heart’s content. Perfect for chopping herbs to kneading dough, this kitchen machine will make any cook’s time in the kitchen twice as fruitful!



The Health Obsessed – Bosch MMBM7G3M

Now that everyone is becoming a little health obsessed, this liquidiser is the perfect gift for someone who is determined to eat clean. Not only does it come with a portable bottle, this liquidiser will become a staple in your kitchen throughout the whole year, whether you want to make hot soups or ice-cold drinks.



The Singleton – Bosch HMT84M451B

We all have that one friend who’s too busy with work to go out on a proper date or even cook themselves a decent meal at home.  You can ensure that this microwave can at least cook your friend a gourmet readymeal and save them from cracking open their 5th tub of pot noodles that week.


The Workaholic – Steelcase Think

Are you sick and tired of watching your loved one slumping on the sofa to get some work done? Steelcase’s Think chair is an incredible ergonomic solution for professionals – designed to focus on the physical, cognitive and social needs of its user, this chair will understand how you sit and will adjust intuitively.

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