Bontempi Divani

Bontempi looks to the future with solid roots in the history and tradition of an Italian company that spreads ideas and products around the world . They aim to provide a wide range of products that are able to meet the different needs of modern living.

Bontempi Divani has launched new designs to their vast range of sofas and armchairs for the year 2016. Bontempi Divani will dress up any living space with that striking sofa and armchair of your dreams. Their collection provides both leather or fabric materials available in solid colours or patterned ones. Don’t be under the false impression that colour options are limited, as Bontempi Divani offer a wide selection of upholstery in coloured leather to fit any room. Bontempi leather sofas add elegance to any space. It appears alive and with everyday wear-and-tear they make the piece look more unique as the shade changes depending on the light and shadow in the room. The leather feels better as it breathes and stretches without losing its shape as it is hard wearing, long-lasting and spills can be easily wiped off. As time goes by, a leather sofa acquires a whole new life. Leather will look better for longer making it by far the best value and will add character to your living space for years to come.

Bontempi Divani also offer a number of sofas in fabrics that have a warm, cosy and inviting look. If you love the comfort and beauty of fabric, you are sure to pick your perfect sofa as the choices are ample. Bontempi offer a variety of textures which are durable and versatile, giving you lots of looks to choose from. Bontempi fabric sofas are guaranteed to give your home a fresh new look. Daring patterns at first might seem daunting to whom is used in decorating with solid colours. This might arise from the fact that solid colours seem so much easier to coordinate than patterns, though teaming patterns such as stripes or florals with plain solid colour is pretty straight forward. Patterned sofas can be themed nicely also with a backdrop of patterned wallpaper. The Bontempi upholstered patterns are actually easy to decorate with than you might imagine, and you can mix and match patterns, colours and textures quite easily – just look for tones that are in the same colour palette so that everything works together nicely.

Bontempi Divani also provide recliners that are perfect for putting your feet up. The recliners help take weight off your feet, and literally help you unwind in pure comfort. Moreover, their range also offers sofa beds that are the most versatile pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. Don’t you think that it is brilliant that one sofa bed can do the work of two separate pieces of furniture in half the amount of space? The modern-day sofa beds blend so well into its surroundings, that most people would be amazed to discover it converts into a bed. If you are considering turning your living room, office or spare room into a guest room, Bontempi will offer you the perfect sofa beds that will transition effortlessly from day to night.