Oxford House Ltd. was approached by Exient, a leading independent video game developer, to furnish their new offices. Exient has been a small developer for many years, specialising in video games from big console debut platforms to the smaller more modest devices.

Exient are established in one of the vaults at the Pinto Wharf at the Valletta Waterfront. Our design team had the leisure to design in one of the nineteen 250-year-old warehouses, built by Grand Master Pinto at the height of the baroque period in Malta. Its location, together with the existing historic building envelope made up of exposed local Maltese stone, proved a challenging yet exciting task for our design team.

Black, white, red and grey tones, in line with the corporate colours, were selected for the operative area, meeting rooms as well as for the lounge area and kitchen. The office furniture department were able to meet Exient’s needs as they were able to offer a range of operative 5th Element desks and Hellò operative chairs in order to bring out one of the most collaborative, welcoming and energizing work environments. They created a spacious environment that promotes collaboration. It has also become a workplace that supports different ways of working that help people balance their work and personal lives and enough flexibility in the furniture and systems to adapt to changes in business.

The Flags range by Las Mobili chosen for the lounge and recreational areas respond perfectly to the increasing need to define large open spaces and intimate sub-environments. Within such spaces, employees are able to collaborate or entertain, work or play, without disrupting the rest of the floor thanks to the FLAGs’ colourful acoustic panels. Flags support individual work when employees need to focus as well as social interactions to help them stay connected with others. Our office furniture design team collaborated closely with the team from the kitchens’ department in order to create a lounge area with a functional modern kitchen as well as comfortable seating space.