Bosch BGL3A209

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Bosch compact and light vacuum cleaner, easy to use, perfect for all kinds of floors and efficient in energy and performance.

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Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

General Information:
HiSpin Motor with aerodynamic blades and perfectly calibrated air flow to
collect dust effectively with low energy consumption.
PowerProtect System: for optimal results.
Energy efficiency class: A

Dust Collection & Filters:
Microfilter to improve quality of air outlet.
Filter bags: TYP G ALL

Two-position brush for carpets & floors
Hard floor brush designed for cleaning joints between tiles or floorboards.
Suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces such as parquet.
Nozzle for cracks / corners and upholstery.
Flexible tube covered in fabric for greater resistance to the most intense of efforts.
Telescopic tube
Ergonomic handle
Automatic cable
Range of cable: 10 m
Variable airflow control
4 wheels for easy movement
Full bag indicator
Double parking position
Weight: 4.3 kg

Guarantee: 2 years parts & labour

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