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Glem GFM52IX

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Glem multifunction electric oven with a 60 litre capacity and 5 functions to choose from. For comfort and ease of use, this model has a timer and tangential cooling technology – where hot air is expelled from the rear of the cooktop keeping the control area and door cooler.

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Product Description

Glem built in electric oven 60cm

General Information:
Multifunction electric oven
60 lt oven capacity
Tangential cooling fan
120′ end of cooking timer

5 functions – fan assisted:

Traditional Cooking –
The heat is given by the bottom and upper oven elements. Ideal for pastry cooking and traditional recipes.
Bottom Element –
Ideal for cooking pies and to give a final touch to the cooking.
Bottom Element With Fan –
The heat of the bottom element is spread through the fan. Ideal for soufflés.
Static + Fan –
The heat given by the bottom and upper oven elements is spread through the fan allowing power and uniformity. Ideal for roasts and cakes.
Grill With Fan –
The grill along with the fan spreads the heat in a homogenous way. It is ideal for cooking medium meat.

Full glass inner door
Stainless Steel Design

Technical Information:
Power: 2,668W

Guarantee: 3 years guarantee parts & labour

Additional Documents

Glem GFM52IX Download Product Sheet

Glem GFM52IX Download Technical Drawing

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