• Mattress for Children

Flip: Mattress for Children

Discover Flip: the first mattress 4-in-1 which changes along with your child

Flip the mattress was born in Dorelan research laboratories to ensure maximum well off welfare to children.
It is a product with very high technological innovation, designed to last a long time, following the child from 3 up to 13 years. How? Simply turning the mattress! Flip has indeed well-4 mode of use, to accompany the physical changes and postural of growing children and ensure every age support and the most appropriate host.

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Accompanies the growth of the child aged 3 to 13 years, providing each different growth period a differentiated support and perfectly suited to the changing needs of comfort.


Each sense of use has differentiated lift areas, to better adapt to the different areas of the body of the child in the 4 stages of growth, according to its height, to guarantee an always correct support for the spine.


Flip is completely removable, and its cover can be washed at any time, even at low temperatures. The outer liner is also treated with a special anti-mite natural process. To guarantee an always perfect resting hygiene.


The inner core, on both sides of contact with the child, is composed of layers of breathable material, so as to always guarantee the right sleeping comfort. A well ventilated mattress, in fact, thanks to the constant exchange of air, every day offers the guarantee of perfect hygiene and a peaceful sleep and healthy.


Flip has 4 modes of use (both sides and both the verses are different), one for each of the 4 stages of growth of the child aged 3 to 13 years. Thanks to the fixed labels both on the liner on the plate, the parent can know with ease and immediacy of the right side of the mattress to use Flip.

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