Classy Light
Classy LightClassy LightClassy LightClassy Light

Classy Light

Fall in love with the ideal living room features simple and inspiring. Revamp your living room area and give it that extra touch that it deserves with the MD House Classy light living room furniture. Subtle tones that are elegant and match any other modern style.

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Product Description

In this apartment: in the living area, composition with Neve mat lacquered bases and back, Ash Nut shelf, Grafite mat lacquered open element, Neve mat lacquered suspended elements; Grafite mat lacquered Front coffee table with Neve mat lacquered dividers; Neve and Grafite mat lacquered Concilio Highboard; Alex Bold sofa in Liverpool 600 fabric, cushions in Liverpool 100 fabric; Alex armchair in Liverpool 600 fabric; Grafite mat lacquered bookcase, Stop-sol Bronzo doors with Piombo frame; Ash Nut table, chairs with cushion in Glasgow 100 imitation leather.

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