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Executive FurnitureExecutive FurnitureExecutive FurnitureExecutive FurnitureExecutive FurnitureExecutive FurnitureExecutive Furniture


The result of intensive research, the collection Segno design combines functionality , where the purity of the forms are divided into a sign, and leaner.

A well-defined section that outlines work environments signing them indelibly, tracing rules minimalism precious, of an order elegant, reception in great style. Simple lines with an innovative design, technical materials and refined. Segno revolutionizes the concept of practicality where space is at a human scale and where they are banned excesses: but the essential always unveils something precious, something extremely sophisticated . Smooth surfaces, smooth, pleasant to the touch: The combination of the cold metal with the warm colors of the wood table offer the perception of an absolute balance . Design becomes functional, it conforms to needs and habits, it rediscovers a more versatile practicality.

The collection Segno proposes desks and conference tables of maximum simplicity that create strict geometries of furniture. Air, light and scintillating: as a subject of the future, a prodigy of technique, is a ‘thrill for the eyes and beyond. A style recognizable as an index of quality and character. A collection suitable to delight shared spaces with style and simplicity.

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Product Description

Technical features

Segno is an executive line made with two types of plans: Melamine MDF and clear glass.
The facilities are metal legs single.

GLASS DESKS: available in rectangular and oval shapes, in two dimensions in a rectangular shape 180×90 cm h73 and h73 210×90 cm and in two dimensions in the oval 200×100 cm h73 and h73 250×120 cm.
The floors are made of tempered glass has a thickness of 12 mm and are available in transparent glass.

WOODEN DESKS: available in rectangular and oval shapes, in two dimensions in a rectangular shape 180×90 cm H74 and H74 210×90 cm and in two dimensions in the oval 200×100 cm H74 and H74 250×120 cm. The melamine tops are 12 mm added to a plain MDF 23mm and have a board glued to the floor with polyurethane adhesive which leaves no traces.

ELEMENT SIDE EXTENSION AND SERVICE TABLE WOOD: available in rectangular shape and in a ‘unique size 90×60 cm H74. The plan contains the same physical and aesthetic characteristics of the desk tops in melamine.


INFINITY: consists of four tubular feet of tapered steel legs with adjustable end (in the larger flat is also provided a metal beam that in addition to strengthening the stability of the floor, it can allow the passage and containment of the cables).
All metal parts are chrome finish or painted in liquid with a matte finish.

The colors available are: Chrome glossy or White.

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