3 Must-See Black Friday Deals!

Check out these Black Friday Deals you will simply regret missing out on. Shopping around for the best discounts can be challenging so here are a few highlights from the vast range of discounts our team has put together. 

Sleek Looks, Great Capacity and a Fantastic Deal

Are you looking for a great oven for your kitchen? Whether you’re concerned with looks or features, this is a deal for you. The Bosch HBA534BB0 – Series | 4 black built-in electric oven is one of our best-sellers and this Black Friday, you can get it for €160 less than retail!


– 3D Hot Air – Perfect air circulation with heat distributed evenly on 3 levels. This feature will make sure you can cook to perfection on any level with even results.

– 71-litre capacity – Fit virtually anything that will fit in your plate.

– Easy to use programs – You will not have to look for the user manual every time you want to find the perfect setting with this oven. It’s as intuitive as one, two, three. Simply put your culinary creations in, select the program you want and wait for those taste bud teasing results.

Grab this deal for €675 €515


Keep Cool, Fit-in and Save Space

You might think we’re making conversation about you, but, we’re actually talking about this great deal on our Bosch KIV86NSF0 – Series | 2 which offers great value all year round. But, this Black Friday, you can get it for  €595.00!

– EcoAirflow: Guarantees optimal air circulation and a homogeneous temperature in the refrigerator compartment

– LowFrost freezer for reduced frost formation

– FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the temperature conditions of the refrigerator and the environment, maintaining a constant temperature in the two cavities.

– LED light

– SuperFreezing: freezes faster and protects frozen food already present from defrosting when other food is placed in the freezer.

These are just some of the cool features this incredible Bosch appliance boasts. If you’re looking for quality and want to stop wasting money on prematurely expiring groceries; what are you waiting for? Deals like this don’t come very often. Simply click here and add to cart.


A Dream Discount

ZZZZzzzz… Don’t snooze! Until you check out the right bedroom to snooze in. Our team of bedroom and home furniture designers are giving you 20% off the whole range of bedrooms. Whether you’re looking for the perfect custom bedroom set or a luxury, tailored bedroom with luxury leather inserts and a design that will make Michelangelo jealous, you’re in the right place. Check out our extensive range of bedrooms this November.