4 Ways the 2018 Nobilia Kitchen Collection Will Change Your Life

Design, storage space, convenience and functionality are important features of an attractive and highly functioning kitchen.

Living up to the motto “Nobilia X – Expanding the limits,” Nobilia attempts to raise the bar in precisely these aspects with their new collection.

But most of all, Nobilia’s 2018 Collection is considerate. It has responded to market demands for taller units and better-designed worktops suited for smaller spaces and modern day life. The urban lifestyle demands a certain type of kitchen, and it appears that this innovative collection is well suited for the needs of fashionable city dwellers in particular.

So why do you need this collection, exactly?

1. You will have more space

With people getting taller and living spaces getting smaller, a height-focused and space-efficient kitchen unit collection makes more sense than ever – especially in urban settings.

If planning a new kitchen has made you concerned about efficient storage space and ergonomics, the new Nobilia 2018 might be a game changer for you.

The new collection by Nobilia takes this into consideration with the concept of an XL height base, including a carcase height of 792 mm in base units – giving you about 10% more storage space. What this really means is more space for accommodating kitchen utensils and supplies, as well as a whole lot more comfortable space to go about your business in your new, attractive kitchen.

So far so good – but there’s more. The XL height also benefits the user by forming a perfect synthesis between ergonomic and storage needs. Matching XL highboards and tall units maintain the harmonious overall look with continuous lines, on top of being highly innovative and functional.

2. Enjoy long-lasting quality

Nobody looks forward to switching out worn-out, water-damaged units that were overpriced to begin with.

Addressing this, the Nobilia collection includes the Xtra worktop which is significantly sturdier, and more resistant to impact as well as to water penetration and swelling than a conventional worktop. These material properties even enable flush mounting of sinks and hot plates since the milled-out portion is in the functional layer.

3. Your kitchen aesthetic will be on point

One thing that makes this collection stand out is the company’s use of StoneArt – a new range in laminate design that embodies the trend toward large-sized stone finishes.

The upright panels and worktops in the new design featured in Xtra are available to match StoneArt appropriately, allowing for a harmonious and consistent presentation of the new natural stone aesthetic. The décor is extremely versatile, as wall unit fronts, upright panels, niche cladding or as panels, and it combines beautifully with all solid colours, stone and concrete décors, even with wood décors.

The new Panorama top sections for sideboard designs, which come standard with lighting, also offer fascinating possibilities. The new base units with tabular pull-outs for base and hot plate units bring effortlessness to kitchen design and enable quick access to cooking utensils. With panels in contrasting colours they are also real eyecatchers.

But perhaps most notably of all is, once again, the Xtra worktops – a major highlight in the new 2018 collection. At first glance, its very distinctive 3D surface texture creates an authentic looking natural stone appearance – available in three natural stone finishes for extra customisability.

If you would like to take the professional look of your kitchen to the next level, the new Metal Concept décors might be the perfect addition to your life. The décor Scratched steel reproduction contributes the stainless steel component to the character-defining look for extra Instagram points

4. The collection will light up your life

Lighting and overall visibility should always be a priority when designing your new kitchen.

With the Nobilia 2018 collection, more transparency and airiness can be achieved with the new glass design front Frame and the new matt glass colours for Gap. Modern kitchen architecture also benefits from the new wall units with flap and the newly designed roll-up front units.

In addition, integrated LED lighted designs for upright panels provide effective ambient lighting. The storage space in base and tall units is made even more practical with the new door shelves.

The range also includes the coordinating electric appliances and sinks for flush mounting in the new Xtra worktops, making this collection all the more attractive. In fact, we dare to say that you’d be hard pressed to find a kitchen interior as bright and trendy as the pieces included in this one.