Boiling over is over forever…

Perfect Cook Sensor

Boiling over is over forever.

The right temperature is decisive for achieving perfect cooking results. A few degrees too hot and the risotto burns, the milk boils over and the sausages burst in the pot. But if you cook with the PerfectCook sensor, it monitors the temperature of the pot during cooking and regulates it automatically – finally putting an end to overcooking, burning and boiling over.

Easy temperature control.
Whether a meal is cooked correctly in a pot depends on its temperature. PerfectCook makes it easy to always cook with the right heat. You simply select the required temperature level once. During cooking, the sensor monitors the temperature and regulates it automatically, meaning you don’t need to repeatedly adjust it yourself. The sensor also reliably prevents overboiling and overcooking – on all cooking zones and with up to three pots simultaneously.

Quick and easy to use:
A flat, magnetic, dishwasher-proofed ring is attached to the outside of an inductionsuitable cooking pot. It transfers the required information to the hob. All it takes to activate PerfectCook is a push of the button on the sensor and confirmation on the hob. A signal is given when the set temperature is reached.