Bosch Active Oxygen Washing Machines

Have you ever wondered if  you can refresh your suit from unwanted odours in your washing machine?

Now you can do so with the New Bosch Active Oxygen Technology.

Hygienically clean at very low temperatures.

Our clothes are like a second skin. That’s why it’s especially important that they are hygienically cleaned. Often, our favourite items of clothing are made from delicate materials. To take special care of them, we have developed ActiveOxygen™ technology. The intelligent function in our new 8 Series washing machines protects your laundry as it washes – for a hygienic clean, even at very low temperatures.

What you love the most, we treat the best.

Whether it’s a silk blouse, band T-shirt, black jeans, high-performance sportswear, your child’s favourite outfit or delicate lingerie, ActiveOxygen™ technology from Bosch will eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs typically found in clothing – even at low temperatures. Simply at the push of a button and without any chemical additives. In addition, ActiveOxygen™ preserves delicate fabrics and protects their colours. Meaning your favourite clothes will stay your favourites for a very long time.

Hygienically clean at the touch of a button. Without any chemical additives.

From now on, you no longer have to worry if even highly delicate laundry is being washed to a hygienic standard of cleanliness. With the Series 8 washing machines with ActiveOxygen™ technology, active oxygen is used to pretreat the laundry when the cycle starts and once again before the final rinse. Adding this option to a laundy programme any existing germs can be eliminated – and it needs only 30 minutes more than a regular wash. All this at the touch of a button and without chemical additives. It even works at very low temperatures and in combination with almost all laundry programmes.

Sometimes, your laundry just needs to be quickly freshened up.

Clothes that are clean but, for instance, no longer smell great following a trip to a restaurant can be completely freshened up again in 45 minutes with the programme ActiveOxygen™ Refresh. It is even suitable for highly delicate fabrics that are not supposed to be machine-washed. The ActiveOxygen™ Refresh programme saves you time and a trip to the dry cleaner’s, and also protects the fibres of the fabrics.

A drum roll you can barely hear. But you can feel the difference.

Thanks to the VarioDrum™ drum and the EcoSilence system, the new washing machines from Bosch are not just gentle on your laundry – they’re also gentle on your ears. This means that you can even run the washing machine at night without a moment’s hesitation. In addition, thanks to its unique design the drum spins in a way that is gentle on fabrics. Meaning your favourite clothes will stay your favourites for a very long time. And all this without disturbing anyone!