Bosch Series 8 Ovens

The Bosch Series 8 Ovens

Cooking “à point” with high-tech features: the new Bosch Series 8 ovens with PerfectBake sensor and PerfectRoast meat probe.

Perfect roasting and baking

To produce the perfect backing and roasting results the new Bosch appliances have there stand-out features –
• the PerfectBake sensor,
• the PerfectRoast meat probe and
• the new 4D hot air system.

The patented PerfectBake sensor permanently measures the moisture level of the baked items and automatically adjusts the baking process. If the dish has finished baking, the oven switches itself off independently. The result is that all dishes, from cakes to bread and quiches, are cooked absolutely perfectly. Simply select the dish and press “Start”.

The new ovens offer yet another unique selling point: the PerfectRoast meat probe, which perfects the preparation of meat, poultry and fish by measuring its core temperature. The advanced variant from Bosch does not only monitor the temperature at one single point, but rather at three different points.

Perfect results in every situation: 4D hot air, steam and microwave functions all integrated into one appliance. The Series 8 ovens additionally feature a newly developed 4D hot air system. In this system, the hot air is distributed evenly throughout the oven using a new kind of fan wheel that rotates in both directions alternately. Unlike conventional ovens, this ensures that the user no longer has to take the time to research the correct shelf position to achieve outstanding cooking results. The new Series 8 ovens always get it right, regardless of which of the shelf positions. The fan wheel is powered by the especially quiet and efficient motor, the EcoSilence Drive.

One noteworthy highlight is the new steam injection function. This guarantees that the food will be crispy on the outside and yet succulent in the center. And if food just won’t cook quickly enough on occasions, the integrated microwave can be switched on easily for most heating modes. This can reduce the cooking time of the dishes by up to 50%.

Even simpler to use: the reliable kitchen assistant

In order to fully exhaust its innovative potential, Bosch has equipped its built-in ovens with an innovative control concept and a very intuitive, easy-to-use operating ring with a precise, haptic touch panel. It can be precisely controlled with minimum pressure as the ring moves easily and reliably through the intuitive menu system and – if desired – through Bosch Assist. The Bosch Assist permits both experienced cooks as well as beginners to achieve outstanding results at the touch of a button.

There really is no easier way to achieve the perfect results. The Bosch Assist automatically activates either the PerfectBake sensor, or gives a recommendation for a suitable heating type or the use of the PerfectRoast meat probe. This makes the Series 8 appliances a reliable kitchen assistant for any cook, allowing even the most ambitious amateur chefs to concentrate on the creative end of the cooking and baking process.

Efficient, elegant, network-capable

With all these features, the new flagship ovens are also very energy-efficient. Besides good cooking results when baking or roasting and its user-friendliness, design is also a contributing factor. The new oven impresses with its precision workmanship and a design which takes even the smallest detail into account. The combination of high-quality stainless steel panels, the integrated operating ring and glass lends the kitchen a sense of modernity and quality. Elegant border strips made from high-quality stainless steel ensure a harmonious appearance, in particular when appliances are installed alongside each other. Design purists will be delighted by the variants with a fully glass front panel, available in volcano black and polar white.