Cook like a Masterchef with Nobilia Kitchens

If you know Oxford House at all, you’ll already know that we only stock brands that we personally believe in. Our commitment to quality and passion for serving up real satisfaction are two things we have in common with Osborne Catering and Villa Arrigo, names known locally for their quality from first meetings to ‘buon apetito’ and beyond.
Earlier this month we sat down with Osborne chefs Byron Saliba and Ryan Marmara, to talk about their experiences with Nobilia kitchens.
As professionals, these culinary maestros know exactly how to put a kitchen (and its fabulous Neff and Bosch appliances) through its paces, so we were dying to know what they thought about this trusted German brand which we’ve stocked since 2003. Here’s a little summary of what the Osborne duo of deliciousness had to say:

Nobilia means an outstanding attention to detail

When you experience what a Nobilia kitchen has to offer, you’ll quickly learn that every aspect of the space has been designed to perfection. No detail is too small for the designers at Nobilia – make the most of your space and enjoy a kitchen designed to suit your needs to a T.

Peace of mind if anything needs replacing

Every single piece of your Nobilia kitchen is protected under Nobilia’s 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. If anything should happen to this beloved addition to your home, you can rest easy knowing that our team will help you get your kitchen back in tip top shape!

Nobilia kitchens are designed to be working kitchens, that’s why they’re not just beautiful and built to last, but can be custom-built to ensure that every piece of it moves and works according to your rhythm. From stylish Postform counter tops to touch-sensor cupboards, pull-out tables and beyond, serving up a storm in the kitchen has never been easier.

German built for top long-lasting quality

Nobilia, like the widely-popular Bosch and Neff, is a German brand known the world over for its quality. Whether you’re just starting to hone your culinary skills or fancy yourself as the next Jamie, Gordon, or Nigella, you know your kitchen (and its appliances) can handle whatever you throw at them. Oh, and don’t forget – when you order a Nobilia kitchen, you’ll get fabulous Bosch appliances absolutely free!

Get the perfect atmosphere

Ambience is important and adds a certain something special to any meal, no matter what the occasion might be. Nobilia kitchens come with discreet lighting solutions that’ll make sure your dishes are enjoyed in the right atmosphere. From romantic dinners to buzzing lunches, Saturday brunches, and Christmas day deliciousness, you’ll always be able to get things just right when it comes to setting the tone for your next food-focused event.

Precision is everything

Any chef, cook, or avid foodie worth their salt knows that precision is essential when it comes to making a memorable meal. Timing and preparation are two important parts of the formula, but let’s not forget one major player: the oven. Bosch 4D Hot Air ovens are the way forward if you want your culinary creations cooked to perfection every time. You can forget about swapping trays and turning dishes around half-way through – these ovens maintain consistent temperatures thanks to PerfectBake and MultiRoast sensors, rapid heating system, and stainless steel fan. No more guessing temperatures or sticking probes in.

Getting to Know the Chefs

Ryan Marmara

Ryan Marmara began his culinary career aged just 16, working as a part time waiter in a local 4-star hotel. Throughout his career he’s worked with some of the top chefs on the island, including Executive Chef Paul Borg who’s been mentoring him throughout his journey.
Chef Ryan recently won 5 medals (4 silver and 1 bronze) at the 2018 Malta Kulinarja competition and has been part of the National Maltese Culinary team for nine years, winning major awards locally, including the prestigious Chef of the Year and Junior Chef of the Year awards consecutively. He also claimed two bronze medals in the Culinary Olympics and Culinary World Cup, later competing in Slovenia and Italy for the Global Chef Challenge finishing in third and fourth place respectively in the South Europe selection. Ryan has also competed in Turkey, Scotland, Germany and Luxembourg winning a total of 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.

Byron Saliba

Chef Byron’s interest in cooking was sparked at a young age, in a small pastry shop. His fascination grew over time, eventually seeing him step into the world of hotels and restaurants abroad. To him, the kitchen is a playground where he can experiment with ingredients, colors and presentation. Through his professional experience he has gained an appreciation of the camaraderie and wealth of knowledge that come with working alongside high-profile chefs and master chocolatiers. Sweets and pastries are his first loves, and he continues to share his passion and creativity by producing stunning, award-winning work every day.

A little about Osborne:

Osborne Tailored Catering was founded in the early 1970s by Ralph Arrigo and quickly grew to become on of Malta’s top catering companies, renowned for their mouth-watering food and five-star service. This local favourite prides itself on embracing tradition while staying at the very forefront of trends and developments in the culinary world to make sure their clients get the service and selection they deserve. Authenticity and excellence are at the heart of what the people at Osborne Catering do, from their food to expert hosting of events at Villa Arrigo and Villa Anna Teresa, venues acquired and prized by the company over thirty years ago.