Green Technology

Our Environmental Pledge

untitledWe set ourselves very strict guidelines, and in the majority of cases these exceed statutory regulations. This environmentally friendly approach is adhered through out the entire design and manufacturing process. Wherever possible we use recyclable plastics, and label all plastic parts so they can be easily sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We make considerable energy savings through heat recovery and energy supplied on demand and we avoid harmful emissions and effluents by using effective filtering and purification systems. You can rest assured that when we are developing new appliances to give you maximum performance and maximum freedom we are both keeping pace with your demands and meeting our principles of protecting the environment. 

Energy efficiency labeling scheme

To help you choose the most energy efficient appliances, the EU has introduced an energy-rating scheme and all appliances must display an EU Energy Label. The most efficient rating is ‘A’ and the least efficient is ‘G’. All Bosch washing machines and dishwashers have an A rating for wash performance, and all Bosch washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers have a rating of at least A for energy efficiency.

A+++ energy rating

Almost all of our refrigerators have a minimum A+ rating, meaning that they use over 25% less energy when compared to equivalent A-rated products. Furthermore, some of our products are so energy efficient that they have been awarded an A++ rating and even the A+++ rating; meaning 50% more efficient that an A+ refrigerator.

Green Technology inside

Lookout for this new Bosch energy efficiency symbol as it is there to help identify our most energy efficient models.

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