Induction cooktops


Induction Cooking

Induction for speed, controllability and safety

Induction uses an electromagnetic field to instantly generate heat, giving you the control and responsiveness of gas, whilst being incredibly energy efficient.

Heat is onlyapplied where it is required: in the pan. Changes in temperature happen instantaneously which makes cooking with Bosch induction both faster and more precise than a gas or a ceramic hob, saving energy and time into the bargain.

Energy saving

Induction hobs are far more energy efficient than any other hob.
Gas only uses about 50% of the energy consumed to heat the pan, where induction uses 75%, and only heats the exact area of the pan placed upon it.

Time saving

More than twice as fast as a standard ceramic hob and up to 45% faster than gas, Bosch induction is ideal for a busy lifestyle.