Introducing FrameFour – Focusing. Teaming. Conferencing. Collaborating.



Work is a series of transitions. We move from individual to group work, collaboration to personal focus. FrameFour® makes transitions practically seamless, providing a consistent ecosystem of spaces that support resident, nomadic,meeting workstyles throughout the work environment.

A range of spaces.
FrameFour provides a complete workplace for mobile and resident workers. Real estate-efficient workspaces that support technology and tools.

This resident work area provides individual privacy while fostering connections and collaboration that helps support the group’s interactions. Each workspace offers plenty of work surface, storage, technology support and tools. The adjacent enclosed space enables privacy and focus while keeping a sense of connection to the larger group.

Whether working alone or with others, workers can see and be seen by their peers. FrameFour comes in desk and bench configurations, with either a supporting storage leg or a four-leg frame. The collaborative space nearby is a convenient haven for information sharing and brainstorming. A consistent aesthetic with floating tops helps unite the entire work environment.

This flexible space is designed for deep collaboration, supporting the cycle between individual and collaborative modes throughout the duration of a project. Integrated cable management, uninterrupted leg room and broad expanses of worksurface, all part of FrameFour’s broad statement of line, invite users for productive work sessions.

Support for every workstyle.
For nomadic workers who need longer term workspaces, these temporary homebases support task work to focus and rejuvenate. The personal locker integrated in the storage leg keeps belongings
secure, puts bags and backpacks within easy reach and offers multiple power outlets. A casual collaboration area provides a change of posture and a setting for sharing, evaluating and generating content. Dedicated resident workspaces support users during long periods of focused work. Monitor support, along with storage for personal belongings, maximizes the work area, while screens provide visual privacy. FrameFour can be customized to adapt to workers’ needs thanks to a wide set of features.

Designed for Collaboration.

A formal conference room sets the tone for informative, leader-led meetings. Well-appointed tools, amenities and hospitality extend the performance of this space.

This collaborative space is a convenient haven for information sharing and brainstorming. Ideas can be shared quickly and easily with full height whiteboards for analogue content display.

A space that accommodates small and large groups. Project teams are able to immerse themselves in information and work.Informational, evaluative and generative collaboration are supported. When needs change, the space can be quickly reconfigured.

Ergonomics tailored to individual needs
Different work modes and workstyles require different ergonomic support. Integrated rail supports adjustable monitor arms, lighting, and worktools. Screens add privacy. Power and data are easily within reach. Wide ranging choices make it easy to provide precise ergonomic comfort and support with FrameFour.