Introducing BOSCH Home Connect

Smart Connectivity for an easier life.

Home Connect – your everyday life will never be the same

Welcome to Home Connect and a new way of living. You can now control household appliances made by selectedEuropean brands even when away from home, thus giving you more time and energy. With the Home Connect app, you will have more time for the things that are important to you. With Home Connect, you can do away with irritating time-wasting and manage your housework independently of time and space. Take a brief look at how your day-to-day life can change.

What is Home Connect?
With Home Connect, you can control your household appliances from selected European brands easily and intuitively using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to preheat the oven from your office or you want to know whether your dishwasher needs some more rinse aid while you are in the supermarket – all these things are already possible with Home Connect. And that’s not all. Home Connect offers a whole range of functions that go far beyond remotely controlling your household appliances: you’ll be given tips and tricks on using the appliances and suitable accessories which you can order in just a few clicks, as well as recipe ideas, information on the status of your appliances and technical support help for any malfunctions.

How does Home Connect work?
Home Connect uses wireless Internet (WLAN) to connect your household appliances with your smartphone or tablet. This means you do not need any additional hardware: you just need a device with Home Connect functionality and the app that you are able to download for free since December 2014 (iOS) and from July 2015 (Android).
Appliances that have an integrated WLAN chip can be remotely controlled and managed using Home Connect. Important functions on household appliances can also be remotely controlled with Home Connect. Data exchange with household appliances is protected and meets the highest security standards. The TÜV Trust IT has also confirmed a high level of security of the Home Connect app.


App content
With the advanced app for your household appliances, you can now control the important functions offered by your appliance even when out and about. So not only can you start or stop appliances, but also pause them or run programs one after the other – for example, on the oven. You can also check the status of your appliance at any time so you know how far the program has got and whether you’ve really turned the appliance off or not. Home Connect is divided into three sections that offer far more than just remote control:

  • Appliances – In this section, you can find all the household appliances that are linked to the app. Here, you can control your appliances and can always get an overview of what appliances are connected. You can see which appliances are currently in operation, how much time is left before the programme finishes, whether one of your appliances needs something and what you can do to fix it.
  • Recipes – Here you can find numerous recipes developed for ovens with Home Connect functionality that will make cooking easier. Explanatory videos demonstrate the individual steps for preparing meals and offer useful, professional tips related to cooking.
  • Service – Here you can find lots of helpful information relating to your connected appliances as well as tips and tricks for operating them and using them more effectively. And if there is a problem with one of your appliances, you will receive a notification and can get in contact quickly with the service team specially trained in Home Connect appliances.



Try out demo mode!
Even if you don’t have an appliance with Home Connect, you can still try out our app. Just select the integrated demo mode and experience all the features: For instance, how you can look inside your refrigerator or switch on your oven when you’re away from home. There’s also a selection of recipes as well as tips and tricks related to cooking.

In order to control Home Connect with your app, you need to take three simple steps. Please make sure that
– Your appliance can access the Internet where it is;
– Your home network (WLAN) is working; and
– Your appliance is unpacked and connected before you start entering personal data and creating a user account.