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Bosch Induction Hobs

The hardest thing about cooking will be your shopping list. 

Because you already have your hands full when you’re cooking, we’ve added plenty of convenient functions so that you don’t have to lift a finger too much.

No other cooktop thinks like a Bosch.
Quite simply, Bosch has a range of induction cooktops that are designed to make it easier and quicker for you to create the dishes you love. And with so many options, the wonder of induction cooking is now open to more customers than ever before.

The best cooking needs just one ingredient. Bosch Induction. 

Introducing the range of induction cooktops that escape the confines of an ordinary cooktop. The Bosch FlexInduction, Bosch CombiInduction and Bosch Induction.

  •  Bosch FlexInduction – The ultimate Bosch Induction experience. Unique technology provides even heating across the entire FlexZone. Enjoy total flexibility and control with two standard round zones and the FlexZone. The FlexZone can be used as two separate zones or combined into a single ‘super-zone’ where the entire zone becomes your cooking canvas. FlexInduction has thought of everything. The new Bosch FlexZone is up to 20% larger, with space for pots and pans up to 24cm wide. Depending on size, you can cook with pots and saucepans one behind the other, or side-by-side. That’s the flexibility of FlexInduction.
  • Bosch CombiInduction – Experience the magic of CombiZone – two cooking zones can be linked, making the switch from small to large pans effortless. Plus, the MoveMode function automatically switches from boil to simmer with a simple side of the saucepan. CombiInduction is cooking with you side-by-side. – Modern cooking offers so many wonderful new tastes and textures, you need a cooktop that’s flexible enough to keep up. Bosch CombiInduction lets you switch from small to large and oversized pans, like Teppan Yaki, simply and easily. So now there’s no limit to the tastes you can create.
  • Bosch Induction – Bosch’s benchmark Induction cooktops put you in control with 17-stage power settings plus PowerBoost for each zone, dual function timer and automatic switch-off, residual heat indicators, child lock and more.

Bosch Induction

Cooking with a light touch

When you’re preparing a meal, there’s no time to waste with complex cooking controls. With your Bosch Induction cooktop, you’ll find a selection of brilliantly intuitive controls that make the entire cooking process so much easier to manage. Introducing Touch Select, DirectSelect 1.0 and DirectSelect 2.0 from Bosch, all boasting 17-stage power settings.

It’s great when cooking means less waiting, lower fuel consumption and more reliability. 

We admit it: Our induction hobs can’t perform miracles. But they can save lots of time compared with conventional hobs. An induction hob, for example, can bring 2 litres of water to the boiler twice as quickly as a ceramic hob. You can serve dinner faster and save time and energy. Leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.

Bosch Induction. Setting the Standards.
On every Bosch Induction cooktop, you’ll find clever features that set them apart from the ordinary.

Simple and practical, Bosch’s benchmark induction cooktops have all the necessities to really get you cooking. All Bosch Induction cooktops are made with German-manufactured Schott Ceran ceramic glass for function and design.

You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.
Clever features that free you up to think about your cooking, rather than your cooktop.

Clever features

Introducing the new range of Bosch accessories specially designed for Induction.
CombiInduction and FlexInduction cooktops.
Created to make the most of the latest Bosch Induction technology.