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We offer a range of modern & contemporary kitchens to suit any home. Our showroom houses a large display of different styles & finishes which have been designed to inspire you, but the possibilities do not end there. Imagine what your dream kitchen would look like & let us bring it to life!

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  • On Order

    Anodized aluminium, zero chemical, epoxy powder-painted aluminium.

    Aluminium guide on auxiliary resin pads (POM).
    20 mm thick top coated in laminated HPL, FENIX or supported glossy lacquered glass, extensions coated in HPL, laminam and matt glass.
    Tops and extensions with reactive polyurethane adhesive borders (HPL-unicolor or, where not possible ABS; where possible, alternatively, “PP laser fusion edge”).

  • On Order

    Table with structure made from epoxy powder-painted metal.
    30 mm tops coated in laminated HPL, Fenix ntm, natural oak veneer.
    Top with stripped finish made using a veneered 50 mm panel with solid wood side beams.

  • On Order

    Leg in anodized aluminum in zero chemical, white lacquered aluminum with epoxy powder or in white stained ash.

    Aluminum guide on acetal resin (POM) pads. Top 20 thickness covered in HPL laminate or with lacquered glass supported, extensions covered in HPL.

    Tops and extensions edged with reactive polyurethane glues (HPL-unicolor or where not possible ABS edging.

  • On Order

    Extruded aluminium legs lacquered with an epoxy powder coating or in brushed and anodised aluminium (Champagne and anodised Nero).
    Depending on the chosen material, the top may be:

    • HPL or 1 cm shaped Fenix composite on MDF support (extensions in the same material; keep in a separate case).
    • 5 mm Laminam (porcelain stoneware) with base on MDF support fully glued to catalysed MS polymer.
    • Plywood tops clad in Fenix or Rovere Antico (veneered). See Ruud model. Debarked tops with a lightweight panel with shaped solid oak or walnut external beams and veneered oak or walnut surfaces.
  • Babila armchair recalls the distinctive features and design of the collection, taking inspiration from the classic and timeless objects. The functionality of the polypropylene shell is combined with solid ash wood legs.

    Body Colours Available:
    Matte Orange
    ‘Mustard’ Yellow

  • On Order

    Daisy is an ideal chair design for different places from the office to the cafeteria to the hotel room.

  • Out of Stock

    Designed in two models as chair and bar stool, the Dante Series reflects its character exclusive to each space, with the rich texture of wood reinforcing its silhouette formed by its perfectly twisted body and clearly linear forms. Designed in three different design alternatives – completely wooden, or with upholstered seat and back, or with upholstered seat – Dante meets different needs.

  • Out of Stock

    Pera product family includes large range of different base and seat options. Pera is one of B&T Design’s early designs and one of the most popular ones. Even though Pera seats simply formed, scoop shape of the seat provides very comfortable seating. Lean foot options and the instantly recognizable form of the Pera chairs and Pera stools, make it possible to become a common seat of different places. Mid-Century inspired form and easy going design of the Pera chairs made it one of the best sellers for B&T Design for many years.