New Energy Label for vacuum cleaners

As from September 1, 2014, EU has introduced an Energy Label for vacuum cleaners. The new label will provide transparency with regard to important performance features of the appliances and thus be a helpful guide for buying a vacuum cleaner.

Every vacuum cleaner placed on the market in the European Union (EU) from September 1, 2014 will carry an Energy Label. This will offer consumers better guidance in the diverse market for floor care appliances. This is because the information provided on the Energy Label will allow quick and simple comparison of the vacuum cleaner features that are personally relevant for consumers when deciding which appliance to buy. With its energy-efficient and powerful vacuum cleaners in the floor care segment, Bosch vacuum cleaners are already well positioned to meet the requirements of the new regulation.

The new EU Energy Label – key facts at a glance

· The new EU Energy Label allows energy efficiency classes, cleaning performance, sound power level and dust-re-emission class to be compared at a glance.

· As of September 1, 2014 the label will be found on all vacuum cleaners placed on the market in the EU.

· The 75 mm x 150 mm label must be clearly visible on the appliance.

· All colours and graphics on the label are binding and may not be changed individually.

· The use and sale of vacuum cleaners placed on the market by manufacturers prior to September 1, 2014 and which are still in circulation will still be allowed even after the mandatory introduction of the label. However, manufacturers are prohibited from placing appliances without the EU Energy Label on the market from this time on.

· The EU provides for use of the label a few months prior to the binding introductory date.

· The target values are set to increase again somewhat in 2017.