Nobilia Kitchen Sale Offer

Nobilia – Space it up!!

Nobilia Kitchen designs derive from inspiration of current trends and different lifestyles – whether they are modern designs, trendy and fashionable or something with a classic twist Nobilia has it all! The kitchen, as we all have come to appreciate, is the busiest part of our home and Nobilia with its extensive range of smooth flawless surfaces, clearly structured architecture will customize your small or large kitchen to fit your lifestyle preferences.

This top German high quality brand also offers a range of colors, decors for different tastes and Nobilia also adds a range of organisational features – large capacity drawers, tabular units, base units, sliding doors, pull-out units with drawers and much more to help in customizing and using maximum space for the kitchen and meeting the ever demanding need for extra room for our various kitchen utensils and tools to make life easier such as our XL Units which adds 10% more storage space in base/tall units.



Corner Units

Nobilia will also be introducing the new models into its range right here at Oxford House: the Easy Touch model with its unique anti-fingerprint coating to help you avoid those pesky fingerprints being left on your kitchen cupboards and doors. The Easy Touch model will also dare you to be colourful and make it eye catchy in any place and its minimalistic lines of this kitchen highlights its contemporary “tone on tone design” and entirely void of embellishments.

We will also be introducing a kitchen which is cool and trendy in design and features under the Line N range of Nobilia kitchens: Cemento with its clearly structured, strong character and authentic design is part of the popular choice of concrete and stone decors which embody a design-oriented lifestyle and portray strength and stability and what makes this particular kitchen cool & trendy is that its decors are authentic and natural and their design and expressiveness.

Black kitchens have always managed to portray cool elegance and do make a statement: aesthetics with an affinity for an extraordinary interior design culture and make the kitchen stand out. Nobilia’s Structura (Nero Oak) stands for this and helps exemplify Nobilia’s vast range of unique kitchens.

If you are more of an artsy person and into decorative kitchen styles, Nobilia also offers “Touch” with artful decors, classic colors giving the kitchen an edgy and urban feel.

For a more modern approach to designing kitchens, Nobilia has you covered for the modern inspiration and for a more compact and cosy solution to kitchen tastes of a modern feel such as our Fashion model.

Nobilia also has a style of design made for natural living and creates a kitchen which is expressive andf authentic – the Structura model which comes in Sierra Oak reproduction exudes calm, a natural feel and individuality. The generous layout enables an integrated dining area as well as freestanding island which is perfect for a natural setting.


More than kitchen !!

Nobilia doesn’t just stop at kitchens – it also starts at creating utility rooms such as comfortable and well designed washroom furniture settings demonstrated by models such as  Laser and Touch.

Nobilia also has bathroom designs with individuality and convenience through elegant models to enhance your bathroom and your personal space in style and comfort.

Nobilia is a global kitchen Made in Germany brand with a solid reputation for excellent quality kitchens and manufacture their kitchens in German factories. Each process and production cycle is handled with extreme care and dedication in craftsmanship that is a signature in the Nobilia brand. In fact, numerous internationally recognized seals of quality are proof of what Nobilia is.

At Oxford House, our Kitchen Designers will provide you with all the information to create your dream kitchen and all we ask for is to get us a floor plan, ideas and a creative mindset and we will help you each and every way possible.

Offers are valid till 31st October 2019. T&C Apply.