Nobilia Kitchens 2016

Concrete look design! 

Concrete has established itself not only in architecture, but also in interior design. The fronts in an authentic-looking concrete look are an interesting and easy care material alternative for the kitchen and living area and convey a modern urban feel. Combing them with wood decor and selected kitchen accessories achieves a trend-oriented kitchen atmosphere. 

Nobilia Kitchen

Open and Spacious - Line N!

Where does the kitchen end, where does the living room being? The kitchen and living area share a perfect symbolic relationship. The upright shelf system can be individually planned, enabling a wide variety of combination possibilities and lending this markedly puristic kitchen an inviting touch. Furthermore, it offers additional space for arranging accessories, books ... and, and, and. 

Clear Design - Line N!

This kitchen composition in satin grey high gloss lacquer is a real jewel. The handleless LINE N front design underscores the perfect lines of this kitchen - flawless aesthetics with lighted recessed handles and functional inner workings!

Aesthetics and Variety!

The fronts and units in the handleless LINE N range impress with outstanding variety. A total of 27 modern and finely crafted fronts as well as around 500 different cabinets are available. The panned end of run for LINE N kitchens can be varied in terms of design and appearance by adding end or front uprights. 

Brilliant ambience!

High gloss surfaces in lacquered laminate, lacquer or real glass make our kitchens the highlight of your home. And all this is completely independent of the size of your kitchen. Whether you choose a closed kitchen, you have room for a spacious island solution or whether you prefer a design that opens into the living area - here, there are no limits to your personal creativity. The sophisticated kitchen system, the variety of exquisite materials and material combinations and the top of the line quality kitchen technology invite you to be creative in designing your dream kitchen.

Colour emotions in high gloss!

This kitchen in red high gloss lacquered laminate is a clear affirmation of colour and a real eye-catcher in every flat. Even uprights and top shelves are combined in the same shade, made from the same material. The only accents are the beautifully harmonised stainless steel coloured bar handles and the worktop in black granite decor.
Brilliantly Combined!

The combination of blue and white high gloss fronts lend this kitchen a modern, fresh atmosphere. And the high gloss surfaces make the kitchen appear larger.
Bring nature inside!

You will be pleasantly surprised at just how modern and elegant our kitchens in natural / untreated wood decors feel. Astonishingly authentic wood decors create kitchen looks with a special flair - also when mixed with superbly coordinated solid colours and glass accents. Always up-to-date when it comes to function, our wood decors offer kitchen convenience in a class of its own with a homely charm. Decide for yourself whether to plan a handleless LINE N kitchen or a conventional one with handles. The choice is up to you.

Natural charm, informal architecture!

A mixture of 'floating' base unit elements and compact storage units create a casual kitchen look. The central dining area with stainless steel look table frame and worktop decor table top is available is custom dimensions. 

Kitchens with incomparable charm!

The Modern Classic style has become very popular with many people in the kitchen again just recently. The mix of modern and classic elements allows for colour and front combinations with a unique charm all of their own, and impresses with its enduring look. Modern Classic combines straight lines with simple framework contours and state-of-the-art kitchen technology. The result: charming kitchen designs with modern comfort.

Modern Cosiness!

Clear, sleek forms and a classical colour concept are characteristic of the modern classic look. In terms of planning, this design is characterized by an unusually large amount of storage space, an integrated island for work prep and an elevated breakfast bar. The upright shelf system, which can be planned as you wish, creates a cosy framework around the island and breakfast bar solution and provides plenty of space for displaying books and decorative elements.
Cottage Style Kitchen!

The modern cottage look is still in great demand in interior design, the trend toward the new naturalness is popular with young and old alike. Clear shapes, soft lines and natural decors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style. Numerous charming details such as wickerwork basket pull-outs, framed glass doors with antique inlay or bottle racks lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of the traditional and the modern.
Perfection is in the details!

Allows us to captivate you with the painstaking attention to detail in these classic kitchen design in genuine lacquer. These cottage style kitchens become beautiful little gems thanks to handles with a distressed character, lighting with a nostalgic touch, finely crafted framed glass doors with antique inlay or wickerwork basket pull-outs.


Are you considering buying a new kitchen? Then you need the right inspiration and reliable information for planning your fitted kitchen in advance.

We are ready to provide you with plenty of suggestions and ideas to help you to plan and realise your dream kitchen. We will show you different types of kitchens, superb decor and finishes, special architectural solutions, high quality kitchen technology and versatile accessories. This way, you will be well-informed in advance, before you begin planning the details of your kitchen with our kitchen specialists.

Discover the variety and the design possibilities of our latest kitchen collection. Whether designer kitchens in a mix of materials, modern classics or kitchens with a modern cottage style – you are sure to find your favourite here.

Trendy Combinations!

Exciting contrasts or subtle accents. Our extensive spectrum of fronts and colours is an open invitation to create custom combinations. Whether planned as tone on tone or with bold accents – our planning suggestions show a selection of possible combinations. Allow us to inspire you, select your favourite combination or design your own…