F-Light Generation Hoods

F-light Generation has arrived. Cooker hood or pendant light? Pendant light or cooker hood? Faber does not like to compromise, which is why these two elements have been united in a single element.

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    2,285.00Summer Sale

    Faber cookerhood with a spiral design that extends towards the hob for optimal air intake and has an elegant stainless steel color. After use, the attractive combination of geometric lines and forms gather back round the motor, freeing the space over the hob – F-LIGHT Generation

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    1,255.00Summer Sale

    Faber cooker hood with stainless steel finish and 6 micro LED lights for realistic illumination over the cooking area – F-LIGHT Generation

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    2,140.00Summer Sale

    Faber stainless steel cooker hood, elegantly surrounded by decorated glass – F-LIGHT Generation