Dorelan has always been attentive to the wellness and sleep needs of children too. A special area of research has been dedicated to them resulting in a line of mattresses dedicated to their sleep.
All products of the line are designed bearing in mind the importance of the mattress in accommodating the sleep habits and positions of the child.
Sleeping well is a habit that starts from childhood: Dorelan shared its philosophy with a team of paediatricians who performed a dedicated study, then developed guidelines that lay down methods concerning production, structure and materials ideal for children.
The time of a child’s growth is extremely important so it is essential to ensure the well-being of a child’s sleep by providing a well designed mattress and a safe and comfortable pillow; in this way every moment devoted to sleep will be serene and rejuvenating for children and peaceful for parents too.

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    Bonnel Interconnected Springs A reliable solution which thanks to the interconnected spring system ensures excellent durability over time, perfect mattress stability and the utmost resistance to deformation. Compact Cover Solid and resistant, perfectly balancing aesthetics and functionality thanks to the six hide-away handles integrated into the sideband. Fabric Elastic and…

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    Myform Extension Elastic, breathable and provides excellent support, balance and solidness. Guaranteed duration over time, constant performance levels and high resistance to stress. Prime Cover Breathability and perfect hygiene are guaranteed by the microperforated sideband, combined with the solidity of the traditional removable cover. Fabric Hygienic, breathable and comfortable thanks…

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    Wellbeing starts early.

    Accustoming your children to proper sleep is an act of love. It means taking care of their growth, rest and peace of mind. We know that well. That’s why we created Flip, a mattress for children aged 3 to 14, to provide different support for all height variations.

    Its innovation is given by its dynamism, as your child can perfectly rest on both sides. By rotating the mattress on two axes, you obtain four zones that adapt to the four growth stages of your child. It is like having four mattresses in one. Flip has different support areas to ensure correct and ergonomic rest. In this way, it is just like having four mattresses in one.