“A good night’s sleep improves the quality of life”: this is the principle that has guided every Dorelan project for the past 50 years. And it is the constant investments in research and innovation that have brought into being a unique and unparalleled technology: Myform.
Myform is the result of unceasing research, but it does not end there. The creation of its formula has marked a milestone in the development of products that have the ability to improve the quality and comfort of sleep. Through infinite experimentation conducted in-house at the Dorelan laboratories, researchers have devised a new technology that can provide benefits to our most important need: sleep. This extraordinary result is one of the many chapters in Dorelan’s history, built day after day in the pursuit of research and innovation.
Today, ten years later, the satisfaction of the people who have chosen to sleep on a mattress in Myform is an important acknowledgement and an incentive for us to continue this magnificent history of “sweet dreams”.
Myform was created in the Dorelan research and development labs with the objective of adding a new dimension to the sleep experience: to ensure our body the utmost well-being in combination with the extraordinary pleasure of a comfortable embrace. Myform is the hypoallergenic revolutionary material whose synergy of components reflecting the highest technological innovation provides the body with maximum ergonomics and comfort.
Not just the exclusive formula of Myform is produced in the Dorelan research labs. Every single activity is performed at the company to allow us constant control of the materials utilised and the quality of the processing of each component. It is only by dedicating full attention and performing a constant control of each step that we can obtain products able to provide the sleep experience unique to Myform.
Dorelan has a long history of collaborating with numerous research institutes and various Italian universities. Thanks to their input, Myform products undergo a series of rigorous tests before their distribution and sale in order to ascertain their actual benefits, with excellent results.
Myform is an innovative material that provides superior comfort thanks to its extraordinary ability to conform to the shape of the body. Its extreme adaptability and versatility makes it possible to pinpoint different areas of the mattress: Myform mattresses, in fact, contain different processes within the same layer.

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    Reliable and safe. Brio combines the resting sensation of the traditional spring mattress with the comfort of state-of-the-art upholstery.

    The Compact cover integrates the freshness and ergonomics of Myform Memory Clima with the breathability and elasticity of cotton and polyester microfibre. The result is a soft fabric that prevents mite, fungi and bacteria proliferation.

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    The performance of a great Myform mattress in its purest form.

    The advantages of a core and the characteristics of Memory Clima and Memory Air are exalted by a soft, elastic cover and the absence of filling. These elements make Performa hygienic, breathable and extremely wash resistant.

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    A great Dorelan classic, famous for its excellent comfort and uncompromising hygiene. The high technology core contains four different Myform materials, whereas the cover has been designed to provide a barrier against mites, thanks to Fibersan treatment, without compromising on breathability and freshness.

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    Nature and technique seamlessly combine in Arial to provide superior levels of comfort and quality. The natural fabric made of organic cotton and viscose creates the essence of this soft and fresh cover, guaranteeing perfect rest when paired with the sophisticated core, developed from a combination of the finest Myform materials.

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    The excellent balance between Myform materials used in the cover and core makes Lyric a state-of-the-art mattress in terms of performance and technology applied to rest.

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    Decor is an elegant cover that is rich in soft noble fibres, like silk and organic cotton, providing incredible freshness and pleasantness for rest on Kristal.

    Exclusive technologies and materials used for its core, like innovative Myform Regen, provide unbeatable pleasure and comfort during rest.

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    The elegant workmanship of the Comfort Suite cover features all the tradition and refinement of the noblest of fibres, like silk, combined with the performance of more technical materials, like Memory Clima.

    An exclusive cover that seamlessly blends with the most evolved Myform technologies, culminating in an unbeatable comfortable mattress.

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    At the inside of the mattress Mode works, together, two different MyForm technologies: in the top layer the MyForm Memory Clima perfectly adapts to the body shapes maintaining the correct temperature needed when sleeping, while in the underneath layer the MyForm Air provides the correct support, breathability and a delightful freshness feeling.