Nobilia Kitchens

Discover the world of Nobilia Kitchens. Our collection ranges from modern to classic, wood finish to sleek facades and more. With Nobilia kitchens you can tailor to your personal style and achieve the perfect workflow. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and we want to make sure it feels that way. Whether you plan on lounging around over a glass of wine or intensely focusing on creating culinary masterpieces – Nobilia kitchens can be tailored to fit your aesthetic and logistical needs. Design yours with our qualified team.

  • Nobilia Structura kitchen in black with led highlights in an bright open plan space

    Design and Lifestyle!

    Clean lines, refined materials and clearly structured architecture are what distinguishes this designer kitchen. The elegant fronts make a good impression even in the adjacent living area – for an uncomplicated lifestyle with serene lines and a clear emphasis on the horizontal. The extensive linear design ensures a harmonious overall appearance throughout the kitchen. The handleless aesthetic, along with the most modern kitchen technology and a wide range of accessories, make this kitchen unforgettable!

  • Nobilia EasyTouch Kitchen in Lacquered Laminate Red Rust

    Colourful, cheerful, refreshing!
    Colours convey emotions, atmosphere and an outlook on life. Even though the initial focus should be on practical considerations when planning a new kitchen. Achieving your unique atmosphere means first choosing the right colours. Whether subtle, dominating or used selectively to highlight – with our collection you can allow your imagination and your talent for combining to run free.

  • Nobilia Touch Kitchen with island in grey with light wood accents

    Welcome to the Grey zone!
    Shades of Grey provide a wonderful foundation for modern and elegant kitchen designs. On the one hand, Grey reminds us of technology and urban living, and on the other, it is the colour of stones and represents a connection to nature.
    Combined with warm wood hues, it creates a cosy at-home feeling

  • York Kitchen by Nobilia in Laquered Ivory I with cabinets on both sides of the room.

    Great ideas for your cottage style kitchen!

    The modern cottage look is still in great demand in interior design, the trend toward the new naturalness is popular with young and old alike. Clear shapes, soft lines and natural decors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style.

    Numerous charming details such as wickerwork basket pull-outs, framed glass doors with antique inlay or bottle racks lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of the traditional and the modern

  • Nobilia Credo Kitchen in White with table and chairs.

    Timelessly charming kitchens

    Recently, the modern classic style has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the kitchen. The mix of modern and classic elements allows for colour and front combinations with a unique charm, and impresses with its enduring look. Modern classic combines modern straight lines with simple framework contours and state-of-the-art kitchen technology. The result: Kitchen designs with modern convenience. The kitchen design for this spacious floor plan conveys sleek elegance with a natural look. The kitchen architecture is arranged modularly and perfectly suited for an open living situation. This classic kitchen was designed extremely tastefully with Savannah fronts and natural light driftwood reproduction accents

  • Nobilia Inline 551 Kitchen in honed alpine whiteNobilia Kitchens

    Industrial Chic

    Industrial style interiors have an appeal all of their own, that certain, indefinable something special. The design – with its rough brick, combination of matt lacquer fronts and Slate grey table top with a concrete appearance, real wood floor – perfectly embodies an urban vibe. And you don’t even need to move into a warehouse to experience industrial chic! Our niche claddings with digitally printed motifs lend an industrial touch to even small rooms.

  • Nobilia Sylt Kitchen in Lacquered Black with warm wood tones and island

    Clever and elegant in cottage style

    The modern cottage look is still in great demand in interior design, and the trend toward a new naturalness is popular with young and old alike. Clear shapes, soft lines and natural decors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style. An abundance of alluring details lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel-good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of the traditional and contemporary design.

  • Nobilia Inox 216 in Laquered laminate, brushed steel reproduction.

    New addition to the Nobilia kitchen range with INOX design to compliment a modern look.

    If you would like to take the professional of your kitchen to the next level, then our front in Brushed steel decor is right for you. The front contributes to the style defining stainless steel appearance, lends a touch of factory flair and adds industrial charm to the kitchen. Keeping upright panels and plinth panels in the same decor makes for a seamless look.

  • Riva Kitchen by Nobilia in Lacquered black and walnut including LED accents.

    Warm Concrete Shade

    Concrete remains strong in design trends and is the epitome of modern industrial style. We are meeting the current customer desire for a more natural look with our new, warm shade of Terra grey for the RIVA range. A contemporary interpretation of cool cosiness.

    Elegant Wood Appearance 

    Our new walnut décor embodies pure elegance and also fits perfectly with the trend topic of “naturalness”. The sophisticated partner: a matt black carcase.

  • A green oasis
    Green nourishes the soul. This adage also holds true for kitchen furnishings. As restrained as modern cottage style is in terms of design, it is all the more easy-going in its lighthearted use of subdued colours like this stunning shade of Reed green. In combination with the large-scale use of stone décor in the worktop and the selective wood accents, this kitchen creates a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of character.

  • Nobilia Nordic 782 classic style kitchen in white with beautiful wood accents.

    NORDIC supplements the cottage style segment with a new framed door in a white, genuine lacquer design. The result: Fronts with a minimalist look, inspired by popular Scandinavian style.

  • Nobilia Colour Concept Kitchen by Nobilia in white with Orange accents.Nobilia Kitchens

    A variety of colour worlds!

    Our COLOR CONCEPT success story continues. In addition to the fresh, vibrant solid colours and concrete and bronze reproductions, the latest collection also contains intriguing wood decors as well as cool stone and metal finishes. For you this means: the possibilities for kitchen design just became more exciting. Our comprehensive range of shelf units, niche claddings, upright panels, worktops and wall units allow you even more versatility in customising your kitchen solution.