• Meet the Drage family, bringing energy and dynamism to waiting areas, with their organic forms which render their modest and refined design timeless.

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    Oxi features sober and elegant bridge legs. Thanks to its geometric and technical solutions it can meet any functional and layout needs, fitting perfectly into any environment with its many finishes and accessories.

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    Operational workstations with shared layout, ready to receive accessories and ideal to meet the needs for modern and performing work space. Front panels in printed felt outline the working areas and create optimal acoustic comfort, locally and in the whole environment.

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    Today there are many ways of working. Together to increase the resources, withdrawn to be more concentrated, meeting to share. Bench, Desking and System of 5th Element offer the proper answer to anyone of this needs completely and perfectly, to get the full optimization of the workplace, respecting the environment.

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    Ottima Portico Desk and Bench brings the workstation back to basics, offering a simple and sleek solution that is both best-in-class and best-in-price.

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    FrameFour provides a complete workplace for mobile and resident workers. Real estate-efficient workspaces that support technology and tools.

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    Ology bench adds the benefits of height-adjustability to a wide range of benching applications, improving users wellbeing while maximising real estate.

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    Fil Rouge is a new collection of desks with a transversal use intended for executive and operative offices and meeting rooms. The aluminium perimeter frame, the flush-mounted 3D foil top, the rounded edges strongly characterize its design.

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    The Migration SE height-adjustable desk and bench delivers flexibility, value and user wellbeing.

    Supporting a broad range of applications, its modular kit of parts provide flexibility for organizations looking for ways to update, reuse and improve the desirability of their space over time.

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    Della Rovere has Larus, the new collection designed by Studio Directional Stramigioli Associates.

    The desks Larus have the opportunity to be made and stir to form over 200 combinations. The beauty and originality of the collection lies in the fact of being able to combine legs, flat and brackets in different versions, creating a working system exclusive and unique.

    The structure is designed to organize the office with multiple solutions: desks, extensions, bureau, dressers, coffee tables, conference tables and bookcases.

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    The result of intensive research, the collection Segno design combines functionality , where the purity of the forms are divided into a sign, and leaner.

    A well-defined section that outlines work environments signing them indelibly, tracing rules minimalism precious, of an order elegant, reception in great style. Simple lines with an innovative design, technical materials and refined. Segno revolutionizes the concept of practicality where space is at a human scale and where they are banned excesses: but the essential always unveils something precious, something extremely sophisticated . Smooth surfaces, smooth, pleasant to the touch: The combination of the cold metal with the warm colors of the wood table offer the perception of an absolute balance . Design becomes functional, it conforms to needs and habits, it rediscovers a more versatile practicality.

    The collection Segno proposes desks and conference tables of maximum simplicity that create strict geometries of furniture. Air, light and scintillating: as a subject of the future, a prodigy of technique, is a ‘thrill for the eyes and beyond. A style recognizable as an index of quality and character. A collection suitable to delight shared spaces with style and simplicity.

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    LEGODESK is a collection of operative office furniture Della Rovere made flat melamine 2.5 cm and metal structure with legs 7 x 3 cm both open frame. The system is designed to organize the office with multiple solutions: desks, side extensions and dactyls.