Myform Memory
The typical sensation of pleasant softness generated by memory combined with a faster and more elastic return reaction, for a less enveloping sensation and greater ease of movement during sleep.

Myform Memory Air
Thanks to its innovative molecular structure, it combines excellent adaptability to the body shape with unbeatable breathability, guaranteed by the high level of porosity and open cell structure.

Myform Extension
Elastic, breathable and provides excellent support, balance and solidness.
Guaranteed duration over time, constant performance levels and high resistance to stress.

Essense Cover
Designed for those looking for a product that is easy to wash, fast-drying and ensures excellent reactivity of the inner mattress structure.

Hygienic, breathable and comfortable thanks to the softness of viscose and the wash resistance guaranteed by the elasticity of polyester microfibre.

Removable Cover
The zip fastening around the edge enables the cover to be divided into two parts, for easy and practical washing.