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This modular storage system offers high flexibility for all environments. It can be used as individual or team storage. Its patented connector enables fast connection with a simple coin to lock and unlock it.

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Flexible System

FlexBox is made with high-quality materials, well thought-out modular principle, and incredible extension possibilities – all with the option for personalised configuration. And with Mobile FlexBox, you can make your (business) life easier by taking it with you. Because no-one knows what the future holds, FlexBox prepares you for everything. FlexBox sizes: 400 x 400 x 400mm 800 x 400 x 400mm

 Looking for Contact

Flexbox offers a seat box instead of a tray. Take a box break with comfy seat cushions. For smart, fun and dynamic posture changes in the workplace.
  • 2 sizes of boxes: 40 x 40cm or 40 x 80cm
  • Built it on a plinth, glide or castor base
  • Different storage openings: Drawer and Flipper units
  • It offers additional clever elements: Powerbox, Cushion, Top


FlexBox creates a room inside a room, can be used from both sides, looks good all round, and unarguably multifaceted. Flexbox separates and screens, stores and tidies; it simply fits in. FlexBox is not just a flexible piece of furniture, but a firm storage statement.


FlexBox is so quick and easy to assemble that it effortlessly keeps up with your needs. Plus, you will always end up with a complete office.
  • Storage space on both a large and a small scale.
  • Ready-to-use open shelving landscapes.
  • Clear and functional wall storage. Convertible in an instant.
  • No tools, just a flick of the wrist!

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