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Movida is simplicity itself. A flexible workstation with an adaptive design, created from just a few components.


Fun, Simple + Smart

Movida is a smart workstation that organises cables and today’s essential tools. Above all, it’s an affordable workstation that fits a small budget. Benefits:
  • Its screens can be shared and provide privacy
  • Its cable management solutions can be shared as well (cables net or cable channel)
  • It proposes several work accessories (trays, UCP holders…)

A large workspace within compact dimensions

Movida allows two and more people to work together without losing their personal space. Provide your people with a short or full-length screen or simply with a double tidy tray depending on the level of interaction they need. Movida’s compact corners are perfectly adapted for flats screen monitors. They’re smooth, rounded, comfortable to use and take up less space than standard desktop corners.

Conference + Management Areas

Create a conference or meeting room in the same style as your office with just six basic desktops. Create an office fit for a manager with defined areas for welcoming and working.

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Movida Desk