Tangram sound-dynamic Panel

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Inspired by the Tangram puzzle, originated in Imperial China during the Tang Dynasty in the 618 b.C., the game reached Europe during the 19th century by trading ships. It was popular during the WWI and has become the most common dissection puzzle in the world. In China Tangram patterns are called “Chin-Chiao Pan” meaning intriguing seven pieces puzzle. It’s possible to have more than 6500 different figures mixing the 7 pieces. A technique to teach math that is still applied in classrooms today. The same intuition led Roberto Molteni and Metalway to create a product to improve the sound management in public and private sites.

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With Tangram it is possible to create more than 6500 shapes to hang on the wall and it’s easy, ready-to-use and adaptable to all the environments for example: office, home, kids rooms, schools, nursery schools, home theater rooms, meeting rooms, home offices and much much more.

The Tangram Panel is packed in one box to ease the shipping and make a convenient transportation for the customers who will find inside the exclusive packaging of the 7 elements of sound-dynamic® Zen panels, 7 wall metal brackets, as many pieces of Velcro as the panels to fix them to the metal brackets as well as a nice booklet with installation instructions and more than 140 examples of Tangram for any room configuration. The drilling jigs facilitate the installation of wall metal brackets and allow future configurations to renew quickly and without further expenses for the environment decoration.

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Tangram sound-dynamic Panel