Wall Claddings

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There are many different ways to enhance kitchen recesses. That is why our niche claddings are available in a wide range of décors and materials. Whether in worktop décor or our Color Concept décors, in stainless steel look or glass, or with trendy digitally printed motifs – our niche claddings turn your recess into a highlight in your kitchen. We have an assortment of 24 digitally printed motifs available to create targeted custom accents in the kitchen. Whether typical kitchen motifs, tiles, mosaic and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel – the choice is up to you.

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Available as:

Decor Skyline
Decor boxes, dark
Decor boxes, light
Decor slate
Decor brick, dark
Decor brick, light
Decor multi metals
Decor Factory Grey
Decor Retro
Decor Floral Blue
Decor Floral Grey
Decor Beach
Decor leeks design
Decor World of Tea
Decor flower design
Decor Patchwork
Decor Industrial Steel
Decor Dry Stone wall
Decor Stone Wall
Decor tomato design
Decor bottle Design
Decor crossroads, light
Decor New York
Decor crossroads, dark
Decor birch forest
Decor tile mix, black
Decor forest
Decor fjord
Decor spice rack
Decor Patagonia

Wall Claddings