XL Carcase

  • Nobilia

The decision for a new fitted kitchen depends upon many different factors. Individualized kitchen planning must take the various facets into consideration. Upon viewing the showroom kitchens at a specialised kitchen retailer for the first time, you are captivated by the great design, and admire the latest kitchen technology and clever features. But, kitchens that are perfectly tailored to you must be able to do more. Here our new XL kitchen system with higher carcases gains 10 percent more storage space, and adds convenience, ergonomics and diverse planning possibilities.


The new XL height in base units provides 10 percent more storage space than standard height, and with it, even more possibilities for accommodating kitchen utensils and supplies. It also benefits the user by forming a perfect synthesis between ergonomic and storage needs.

In terms of optimising space as well as activity heights, the XL base unit height is the ideal size between the standard height and the Maxi height of our vast kitchen system. In addition, XL tall units and XL highboards are available to pair with the XL height base units to continue the uniform line of the kitchen. All three base
unit heights – standard, XL and Maxi – can be adapted to the individual ergonomic requirements of kitchen users by combining with four different plinth heights and 2 worktop thicknesses. We also have a Mini height available for lowering individual activity areas.

XL Carcase