• Nobilia Artis Kitchen - Modern handless style - Titanio matt finish and walnut

    Glass appearance with WOW effect!

    Fronts and upright panels in the new ARTIS line are made of polymer glass. ARTIS thus offers a virtually unlimited range of products. The satin matt finish glass appearance achieves a stunning depth effect, and sets the scene for exquisite designs in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

  • Nobilia Classic Fjord Blue Kitchen

    Calm Blue
    Our Cascada cottage style receives an update with the Nordic-inspired fjord blue. This colour already celebrated its successful début last year with Easytouch. With its calming effect, fjord blue is a rich new addition to the cottage-style segment. An advantage for planning: complete colour looks and modern combinations comprising frame fronts and straight fronts are now easy to implement. The perfect addition: Pilasters and crowns that integrate harmonically and set stylish accents.

  • Nobilia Castello Classic German Kitchen in Washed IvoryNobilia Castello Classic German Kitchen in Washed Ivory

    With Loving Attention to Details!

    The finely profiled framed doors and framed glass doors with glazing bars are characteristic of these modern cottage-style kitchens. Together with the cornice profile and light pelmet, the perfectly coordinated pilasters frame the kitchen elegantly and give it a Mediterranean feel. This model kitchen shows how traditional style elements and modern kitchen design fit together beautifully

  • Nobilia Chalet Classic German Kitchen in Honed IvoryNobilia Chalet Classic German Kitchen in Honed Ivory

    The Charm is in the Details!
    Allow this classic kitchen composition in genuine lacquer to captivate you. A real treasure for connoisseurs of modern cottage-style kitchens. Beautifully realised here in an open kitchen design with island solution.

  • Modern Kitchen - Easytouch - No Fingerprint - Nobilia in Fjord BlueModern Kitchen - Easytouch - No Fingerprint - Nobilia

    Colourful, cheerful, refreshing!
    Colours convey emotions, atmosphere and an outlook on life. Even though the initial focus should be on practical considerations when planning a new kitchen. Achieving your unique atmosphere means first choosing the right colours. Whether subtle, dominating or used selectively to highlight – with our collection you can allow your imagination and your talent for combining to run free.

  • Nobilia Fashion Modern German Kitchen in Honed Alpine WhiteNobilia Fashion Modern German Kitchen in Honed Stone Grey

    Clear design!

    With our handleless LINE N range we have been raising the bar for design-oriented and on-trend kitchen style for years. In conjunction with fronts in popular solid colours or wood decors, or matt or high gloss – with its fine lines, the front design always expresses quintessential modernity and sleek elegance.

  • Brilliant ambiance!

    High gloss surfaces in lacquered laminate, lacquer or real glass make our kitchens the highlight of your home. And all this is completely independent of the size of your kitchen. Whether you choose a closed kitchen, you have room for a spacious island solution or whether you prefer a design that opens into the living area – here, there are no limits to your personal creativity. The sophisticated kitchen system, the variety of exquisite materials and material combinations and the top of the line quality kitchen technology invite you to be creative in designing your dream kitchen.

  • Nobilia Focus Kitchen - Modern handless style in white ultra high gloss finish

    Irresistibly Elegant!
    In keeping with the motto “less is more”, the look of a LINE N kitchen is determined by a reduction in the essential lines. In the process, the integrated recessed handle is more than a practical way to open a door: It sets the tone as a horizontal style element of the new kitchen and impresses not only chefs with a taste for design

  • Nobilia Inline 551 Modern Kitchen in honed alpine white handlessNobilia Kitchens

    Industrial Chic

    Industrial style interiors have an appeal all of their own, that certain, indefinable something special. The design – with its rough brick, combination of matt lacquer fronts and Slate grey table top with a concrete appearance, real wood floor – perfectly embodies an urban vibe. And you don’t even need to move into a warehouse to experience industrial chic! Our niche claddings with digitally printed motifs lend an industrial touch to even small rooms.

  • Nobilia Inox 216 in Laquered laminate, brushed steel reproduction.

    INOX design to complement a modern look.

    If you would like to take the professional of your kitchen to the next level, then our front in Brushed steel decor is right for you. The front contributes to the style defining stainless steel appearance, lends a touch of factory flair and adds industrial charm to the kitchen. Keeping upright panels and plinth panels in the same decor makes for a seamless look.

  • Nobilia Laser Kitchen - German Quality - Modern handless style in volcanic grey finish

    This is how to combine fabulous design with clever colour accents! With generously staged kitchen architecture, accents can be used to create visual highlights. These design approaches are ideally suited to open concept kitchens spanning multiple rooms.

  • Nobilia Lux Kitchen - German Quality - Modern handless style in alpine white high gloss finish

    Hot lacquer trends

    The trend for lacquer kitchen fronts continues unabated. Rightly so, we think, since this material produces an excellent surface quality and an amazing texture. Whether in a matt or high gloss versions, such as in these elegant kitchen design suggestions, lacquer fronts turn your kitchen into a visual high light with a timeless look. A kitchen suggestion for connoisseurs with high quality, lustrous lacquer fronts and perfectly organized kitchen functions

  • Modern Kitchen - Natura - NobiliaModern German Kitchen - Natura - Nobilia

    Designs you can touch

    Where the new NATURA range is concerned, the name says it all. In the Oak Montreal décor, NATURA adds to our range of wood reproductions, looking remarkably authentic in its natural appearance. But even the feel of this front is remarkably close to real wood, thanks to a tactile texture. NATURA is a perfect combination of design and convenience, is easy to maintain, light- and water-resistant and even impact- and shock-resistant. Thanks to our characteristic anti-fingerprint-effect, these are living space designs you need not feel afraid to touch.

  • Nobilia Nordic Classic German Kitchen in Slate Grey Matt

    NORDIC supplements the cottage style segment with a new framed door in a white, genuine lacquer design. The result: Fronts with a minimalist look, inspired by popular Scandinavian style.

  • Nobilia Pura Kitchen - German Quality - Modern handless style in white high gloss finish

    Small but wow.
    This handleless lacquer kitchen with restrained colour accents was designed for a young family. Touches of colour in Fern were used with furniture components from our COLOR CONCEPT. The wall-mounted cooker hood was designed as a “headroom solution” and blends in harmoniously to the overall concept with its white glass screen.

  • Nobilia Riva Kitchen - Modern handless style - Oak and GreyModern Kitchen - Riva - Nobilia in white concrete

    Authentic Oak Pattern

    Natural looks are a trend in interior design. A good reason to add another wood design to the successful Riva: is the new Bergamo oak. Its light grey component, vertical gradient, simple grain, and authentic tactile feeling make it unmistakable. Styling tip: Bergamo oak harmonises perfectly with our new features in taupe grey and basalt, but it also matches perfectly with the new ultra matt Easytouch surface in white.

  • White is exciting!
    It’s trendy! Senso in premium matt makes the difference and sets itself apart completely from other surfaces in terms of look and feel. The special anti-fingerprint coating of this lacquered front reduces annoying fingerprints, which helps reduce the cleaning effort. The velvety-warm surface invites users to experience the feeling of touch.

  • Nobilia Speed Kitchen - Modern handless style - Black concrete finish

    Colourful, Cheerful, Carefree!

    Colours affect emotions, create moods and influence our attitude toward life. Although the initial focus should be on practical considerations when planning a new kitchen: Choosing just the right colours is ultimately what sets the tone for the unique atmosphere that you are looking for. This selection is decisive for the living environment. Whether understated, dominating or used selectively as accents – with our collection you can allow your imagination as well as you talent for combining free reign. New, stylish front colours and the colour palette of our COLOR CONCEPT bring new design possibilities.

  • Stoneart - Taupe Grey KitchenNobilia Stoneart Modern German Kitchen in Grey Slate

    A Strong Texture

    Robust but with great looks: Taupe grey basalt completes our StoneArt range of coating materials and is attractive thanks to its depth, authentic surface texture, which is reminiscent of real stone. StoneArt is especially resistant to scratches and impacts thanks to the high-quality laminate and excels overall in daily use with its strong durability. The taupe grey basalt décor is also available as an Xtra worktop and is the perfect colour match to the new Easytouch in taupe grey.

  • Modern Kitchen - Structura - Nobilia StructuraNobilia Structura kitchen in black with led highlights in an bright open plan space

    Design and Lifestyle!

    Clean lines, refined materials and clearly structured architecture are what distinguishes this designer kitchen. The elegant fronts make a good impression even in the adjacent living area – for an uncomplicated lifestyle with serene lines and a clear emphasis on the horizontal. The extensive linear design ensures a harmonious overall appearance throughout the kitchen. The handleless aesthetic, along with the most modern kitchen technology and a wide range of accessories, make this kitchen unforgettable!

  • Nobilia Sylt Kitchen in Lacquered Black with warm wood tones and island

    Clever and elegant in cottage style

    The modern cottage look is still in great demand in interior design, and the trend toward a new naturalness is popular with young and old alike. Clear shapes, soft lines and natural decors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style. An abundance of alluring details lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel-good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of the traditional and contemporary design.

  • Modern Kitchen - Touch - Nobilia in blackNobilia Kitchens

    Welcome to the Grey zone!
    Shades of Grey provide a wonderful foundation for modern and elegant kitchen designs. On the one hand, Grey reminds us of technology and urban living, and on the other, it is the colour of stones and represents a connection to nature.
    Combined with warm wood hues, it creates a cosy at-home feeling

  • Nobilia York Classic German Kitchen in Genuine wood

    Great ideas for your cottage style kitchen!

    The modern cottage look is still in great demand in interior design, the trend toward the new naturalness is popular with young and old alike. Clear shapes, soft lines and natural decors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style.

    Numerous charming details such as wickerwork basket pull-outs, framed glass doors with antique inlay or bottle racks lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of the traditional and the modern