Revolution in the Classroom – Verb by Steelcase


Learning in the classroom is more dynamic than ever before. Traditional lecture-only pedagogies are becoming less common, while active learning is on the rise. Today’s educators use a variety of teaching modes—from group discussions to in-class projects—to engage diverse learners in ways that meet their individual needs. With a stronger emphasis on active learning, the demands on classrooms are radically changing.

Obstacles to Effective Learning
Instructors and students are embracing active learning, but today’s classrooms frequently limit new pedagogies and may not support diverse learning styles. Too often, the greatest obstacles to innovative instruction are traditional furniture and classroom design.

The Collection That Transforms the Classroom
The Verb™ classroom collection supports a range of learning and teaching styles. Simple mobility and reconfiguration allow students and educators to shift from mode to mode, interact with content, connect to power sources and collaborate with each other seamlessly. With the freedom provided by Verb, active learning can thrive—inspiring students to be motivated, creative and engaged.

Supporting Many Modes of Learning
Students and instructors shift from independent work to group projects to class discussions and back again—without wasting valuable class time. And with built-in analog tool storage and mobile whiteboards, students are able to create and share content from anywhere in the classroom.

Collaboration in the Classroom
Designed to support the many modes of learning, Verb tables work in any classroom configuration, from lecture to discussion, team or individual work. Unique shapes promote interaction and a range of sizes allows Verb to fit classrooms of any size.

Choice in the Classroom
Verb supports technology- and analog-driven instruction, while seated and standing height tables support multiple postures for both individual and group work.

Engagement in the Classroom
Students are taking a hands-on approach in the classroom, developing the skills they need to solve real-world problems. With the Verb classroom collection, they have the freedom to move around and interact with materials and tools easily. Active learning can happen seamlessly, leading to greater engagement and success in the classroom.

Instruction in the Classroom
The Verb Instructor Station provides the support that educators need to effectively lecture, mentor students one-on-one and accomplish their own individual work.