XL Storage Space

Nowadays people are growing taller. While at the same time, living spaces are getting smaller – especially in urban settings. For this reason, when planning their new kitchen, many buyers are very concerned about efficient storage space and ergonomics. By the way, storage in base units can be organised particularly
efficiently: No other unit category has such an extensive selection of functional fittings and interior organisation possibilities available as here. Another functional advantage of the 14 cm high drawers is that soup ladles and egg whisks fit comfortably. The most important kitchen tools are thus readily accessible at all
times, right where you need them most, namely, near the hot plate.

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Using continuous fronts for a smooth line evokes a calm visual surface. Internal pull-outs allow users the option of creating perfect interior organisation without disrupting the streamlined surface.

The 14 cm high drawer band emphasizes the horizontal lines in the kitchen. The attached bar handles emphasise this effect.

This front division shows the typical XL line layout with one drawer and two pull-outs.

There is a place for everything and everything is in its place with this front division.

3 Drawers and 1 pull-out offer a clear overview and great interior organisation.

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