The Design Icon Among Juicers

Bosch Vita Style Citro.

The Vita Style Citro by Bosch is the latest design icon among juicers.

Elegance meets freshness by the carefully designed juice carafe that highlights in any kitchen. It is a practical and yet so simple, a two in one juicer. No more efforts and perplexing situations, the vita style citro offers one ideal solution to serve the juice immediately in the elegant glass carafe. The carafe with 1000ml capacity is excellent for large quantities of juice extraction, while the small collection container is perfect for those one or two servings. Bosch citrus press has a powerful 40W motor that can allow you to press any type of lemons or oranges thanks to its one size fits all cone. The carafe is practically locked with a metal lid (one of the two models has an LED indicator); the juice is stored and kept fresh in the refrigerator.

No need to worry about cleaning as surfaces are kept clean due to the integrated Dripstop. All removable parts of the juices are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

No more time consuming juicers… Bosch Vita Style Citro is the solution… juices will be ready at the flick of a finger…