The New Bosch Series | 8


The easy way to perfect results:

Bosch presents the new Series 8

  • Series 8 built-in appliances combine trusted Bosch quality with maximum performance and the highest levels of operating convenience
  • An extraordinary series of ovens with many innovative features and combined appliances: ovens with a steam injection function and microwave, as well as ovens with steamers
  • Intelligent fully automatic coffee machines make coffee to savor at the press of a button
  • With five microwave power settings and three power settings for its grill function, the microwave appliance guarantees perfect results every time
  • New steamers allow consumers to prepare entire menus gently and precisely
  • New extractor hoods, whose design is perfectly coordinated with the EcoSilence Drive and EcoSensor

Bosch is making life and work in the kitchen even easier with the new Series 8. All built-in appliances in this exceptional range have been conceived in such a way that every detail fulfills the highest requirements in terms of quality, performance, efficiency, durability and convenience. In this sense, the Series 8 allows Bosch to combine state-of-the-art technology with a groundbreaking design and an unparalleled level of user-friendliness. All models in the series are connected through their consistent aesthetic design: Elements such as the high-quality stainless steel panel, the integrated, intuitive operating ring and the use of glass all demonstrate modernity and quality. Elegant border strips made from stainless steel ensure a harmonious appearance, in particular when appliances are installed alongside each other. And in terms of colors, which Bosch has been keen to promote for years, the new range features variants with a fully glass front that are available in volcano black and polar white.

High-tech features guarantee perfect baking and roasting
Series 8 ovens always provide perfect results when baking and roasting, thanks to their multitude of innovative tools. The PerfectBake sensor permanently measures the moisture level of the baked items and automatically adjusts the baking process. If the dish has finished baking, the oven switches itself off independently. All dishes, from cakes to bread and quiches, are cooked absolutely perfectly. Simply select the desired dish and press “Start”. The Series 8 oven takes care of the rest by itself with the help of the PerfectBake sensor. Cakes which are undercooked, too dry or even burnt are thereby banished to the past. The PerfectRoast meat probe also makes cooking meat, poultry and fish perfectly extremely simple. The variant developed by Bosch avoids measurement errors, as it not only monitors the core temperature at one single point, but rather at three different points. Bosch Assist helps in selecting the right program for baking as well as roasting. An added bonus for the Series 8 ovens: the new 4D hot air system. Here, the hot air is distributed evenly throughout the oven using a new kind of fan wheel that rotates in both directions alternately. This makes it possible for the user to place his or her dishes on any of the shelf positions from 1 to 4 and still always achieve a perfect cooking result.

Drawers that can do more than just keep food warm
A further highlight of the Series 8 comprises the heat drawers, which – alongside keeping plates and food warm – are also ideal for slow cooking meat, defrosting food, melting chocolate or drying fruit. With heights of either 14 cm or 29 cm, the new heat drawers can be installed separately or perfectly combined with the other built-in Series 8 components. And the practical “Push & Pull” technology means that they can be opened very easily in any situation.

Barista-quality coffee variations at the simple touch of a button
Mouth-watering, delectable coffee is made with the press of a button by the built-in Series 8 fully automatic coffee machine with its many intelligent features. The SensoFlow system, for example, heats the water up to the ideal brewing temperature. The result is a rich espresso aroma from the first cup to the last. With the fully automatic OneTouch function, the serving of coffee, hot milk and milk froth can be conveniently controlled. And thanks to the “AutoMilk Clean” function, the appliance takes care of itself – with a steam injection after each time a milky coffee is made.

Variable use, fast preparation: the new microwaves
Whether baby food, pre-cooked food or frozen dishes – using Series 8 microwave appliances with their high-resolution TFT display, every dish can be heated up, defrosted, cooked and grilled with the best results. Operation is backed up by 900 watts and five power settings in microwave operation, and by 1,300 watts and three power settings in grilling operation. And with the automatic AutoPilot program, the microwave becomes even easier to control perfectly: You just need to insert the food, enter its weight and select the appropriate program in the menu.

Preparing an entire menu gently and precisely
An additional central component of the Series 8 is the new generation of steamers designed for a 45 cm recess. Using the steamer function, an entire menu can be cooked at once on up to three shelves. Fish, potatoes, vegetables or desserts – the most varied and different foods can be cooked simultaneously and precisely to the minute. The food retains its natural vitamins and aromas in the gentle steam, and the humidity of the air prevents the individual tastes from mixing.
Naturally, the Series 8 also features combined appliances which unite various functions. Ovens with a built-in steamer are also available alongside ovens with a steam injection function and microwave. Therefore, even the smallest kitchens can benefit from the most advanced culinary technology.

New extractor hoods with EcoSensor and EcoSilence Drive

Powerful Bosch extractor hoods equipped with EcoSensor and EcoSilence Drive – featuring designs that are perfectly coordinated with other appliances in the range – are also included in the Series 8 portfolio. Once activated, the EcoSensor measures the intensity of the rising steam and correspondingly regulates the power level of the extractor hood. The hood automatically switches to a lower setting as soon as the hot searing phase – with its heavy accumulation of vapor – is over. This guarantees particularly economical operation. And the EcoSilence Drive comprises a durable and extremely efficient motor system. The new hoods therefore achieve energy efficiency class “A” for the energy labels valid in the entire EU, which are due to be introduced for extractor hoods from January 2015.

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