Gran Hotel Santa Lucia: Napoli

Simple and Elegant

Ca' Bonfadini: Venice

Timeless and Classic

Mirtillo Rosso: Riva Valdobbia

Contemporary and Practical

Define your style with our chic beds.

Dorelan beds offer charming, highly configurable and flexible solutions to suit the needs of any hotel or guesthouse.

Delight your guests with a comfortable night's stay.

Our mattresses are made with comfort in mind. Hosting a wide range of options, Dorelan caters for the demanding needs of the hospitality industry.

Stock pillows and complements that ooze refinement.

The details are what keep guests coming back.

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Your brand is what people say behind your back, or on TripAdvisor and other review sights. The aim of Dorelan Hospitality is to partner up with the leaders in the industry to make sure you’re all the rave.


Service, Refinement & Hospitality

Our team of industry professionals strive to provide you with great service at every stage of the purchasing process – from choosing the right mattress and beds to fit your brand to unparalleled after-sales support. Our products and services are perfectly tailored for hotels, guesthouses and designers.

Boutique hotels, large hotel chains, cruise line operators and premium accommodation facilities choose our mattresses for their rooms and suites. We provide them with quality support that boosts the value of their hospitality offering. Dorelan products have become an immense added value for the world of hospitality. Join the over 10.000 clients from the hotelier industry who have chosen us.


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Sleep solutions from start to finish.

Speak to us about your upcoming project and we will guide you to build the best sleep solution for your guests and clients.