Kitchen Machines

Kitchen machines are helpful in processing foods and juices with a variety of functions, accessories and attachments to help you be creative in preparing quality dishes. Explore our Bosch kitchen machines with different sizes, attachments and colours to enhance your cooking experience.

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    Bosch stainless steel food processor with an 800 Watt motor, 2 speed settings and a multi-functional knife for perfect and quick results. Is also suitable for crushing ice and has a variety of accessories: chopper, grinder, dough tool etc.

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    Bosch white/stainless steel food processor with an 800W motor, 2 speed settings and moment function with a multi-functional knife for quicker and more perfect results. Also suitable to crush ice for cold drinks.

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    Bosch kitchen machine with a power of 900W, 7 settings + pulse setting, “Multi-motion-drive” planetary at 3 levels and electronic setting regulator for easy and convenient use.

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    Bosch kitchen machine – The new optiMUM food processor with an attractive design. Perfect results every time thanks to the integrated timer, scale, SensorControl Plus, automatic programs and 1500 W of power.

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    Bosch kitchen machine with a powerful motor, plenty of accessories for a wide variety of cooking methods – including pasta, bread, cakes, savoury or sweet foods and much more.


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    The new OptiMUM kitchen machine with a slim, elegant design. It ensures perfect results every time with its 1500 W, Smart dough sensor and 3D PlanetaryMixing.

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    Extremely powerful 1,000 Watt motor and also suitable for working difficult doughs, large quantities of ingredients or for blending.
    Integrated scale: all ingredients can be weighed directly into the bowl or into the installed accessories.
    Integrated timer: doughs, creams and smoothies will all be perfect. Just set the processing time for each recipe.
    3.9L stainless steel bowl: designed with a special shape for optimal dough preparation (up to 2.7 kg of cake dough or 1. 9 kg of yeast dough).
    3D planetary movement: fast and optimal processing of all ingredients.

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    Practical and storage assistant for everyday use – thanks to its compact size.