Blenders & Hand Mixers

Bosch provides a wide selection of Blenders & Hand Mixers with a variety of features, colours, shapes and different attachments for different types of food. Whether you feel like hot soup or an ice cold drink – our blenders and mixers will serve you the best quality results.

  • Bosch MMB6174S BlenderBosch MMB6174S Blender Orange On Order

    Excellent Results
    Comfort / Cleaning
    Material / Design
    Accessories included

    Included accessories:
    1 x stuffer
    1 x ToGo blender cup

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    Hand blender ErgoMixx 1000W Black, anthracite. Powerful hand blender with Fresh Vacuum System. Provides perfect blending results and keeps food fresh for longer.

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    Bosch blender/liquidiser with a powerful motor (350W) and a high quality ThermoSafe glass jug for safe preparation of everything from hot soups to ice-cold drinks + stainless steel knife for perfect mixing, blending and chopping for various applications.

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    • Hand blender set
    • ErgoMixx Style
    • stainless steel / Black

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    Bosch blender – ErgoMixx Style General Information: 1000 watts High performance stainless steel blender with a power of 1000 watts: simpler way of pureeing, mixing and shredding even the toughest of ingredients. Speed ​​selector with 12 speed levels, ideal for any application. Additional turbo button for maximum performance at the push…

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    Bosch blender MaxoMixx General Information: High performance stainless steel blender with a powerful motor of 1000 watts: the simplest pureeing, mixing and shredding methods of even the hardest ingredients. Bosch QuattroBlade Pro with anti-suction technology: efficient mixing without interruptions or splashes thanks to the 4-blade blade and reduced suction effect.…

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    Bosch blender with 450W power controlled by two speed function.

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    Ergonomic beater with Fresh Vacuum System. It keeps food fresh longer and is very easy and convenient to work with.

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    Maximum Bosch power with 1000 watt motor: to process the toughest ingredients and to drive many accessories.

    Ergonomic and easy handling: lightweight housing with soft touch handle for comfortable and secure grip.

    QuattroBlade: ensures optimal cutting action and fine blending results – with AntiSplash function.

    Variable speed: 12 speed settings plus turbo function for perfect consistency of any recipe.

    Mixing/measuring beaker with lid: for measuring, mixing and storing small quantities.

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    Powerful motor with 350 watts: ensures optimal results for any mixing and kneading task.

    Stainless steel whisks and dough hooks: effortless mixing, beating and kneading results.

    Lightweight housing: for easy handling while mixing.

    4 speeds plus turbo function: variable speed control for any recipe.

    Easy eject button: release tools at the touch of a button for changing or cleaning.

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    The innovative Bosch CleverMixx Spotlight in modern design: for a better control of mixing progress.

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    A Bosch blender which is light, ergonomic and easy to use with a number of exclusive accessories: ProPuree masher for potatoes, chopper and whisk for cream. It has a powerful motor (600W) with 12 speed settings + turbo for maximum performance.