Free Standing Dishwashers

Free Standing Dishwashers have different features and colours, greater flexibility to fit into spaces if built-in is not for you. We provide a wide range of freestanding dishwashers to cater for your needs.

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    Bosch freestanding dishwasher (45cm) with a 9 place setting capacity, 6 programs to choose from.

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    Bosch freestanding dishwasher (45cm) with AcitveWater system: This innovative technology optimizes efficiency and guarantees ecological washing for excellent cleaning results. Saving water and energy is achieved through targeted water distribution, optimized filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation as well as an D energy efficiency rating (As per new energy label 2021) and a 10 place setting for a compact yet versatile dishwasher.

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    Smart dishwasher remotely controlled with the Home Connect mobile app and the EfficientDry drying system.

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    PerfectDry dishwasher for the best drying results with an intensive cleaning zone, the ExtraClean zone in the upper basket, for immaculately clean dishes.