Design Your Dream Bedroom

Explore the world of stylish bedrooms designed to make you want to wake up in the morning.  Modern, classic and classic contemporary bedroom ideas are at your disposal… They might make you think you’re dreaming before you fall asleep. Finally, speak to our experienced team of designers to achieve your ideal double or single bedroom with Oxford House.

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Beds For Luxury Sleep

Walk-in Inspiration

The Perfect Wardrobe

Step into a positive mood when entering your bedroom. This is a place to rest and unwind after a long day; the priority should be to design a functional and peaceful ambiance with a touch of elegant style.

We all know that the focal furniture of this room is the bed. That’s why we have a wide range of Dorelan beds from which you can choose. Whether you need a storage bed, bed frame, or motorised bed, we got you covered; all beds can be customised to suit anyone’s style with different materials and colours.

A walk-in wardrobe can turn around your lifestyle by bringing a sense of order and organisation, lessening the stress of finding your favourite outfits. You can indulge yourself by adding a drawer cabinet for extra storage and bedside tables to place a night lamp and other finishes to bring your bedroom to life.