Free Standing Tumble Dryers

Bosch Freestanding tumble dryers provide high quality ‘condenser type’ technology – where the water from wet clothes is stored in a container and can be easily emptied manually with no hassle! They also include smart features designed for drying different kinds of fabric in an efficient and eco-friendly way!

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    Bosch freestanding tumble dryer (60cm) with condenser technology, 7kg capacity with a fully electronic control dial for sensor programmes and timed programmes for a variety of drying programs for perfect drying results.

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    Bosch freestanding tumble dryer with condenser type technology, a maximum of 8kg capacity and a stainless steel drum with an energy rating of B.

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    Bosch freestanding tumble dryer with 8kg capacity, A++ energy efficiency with condenser technology and a specially designed tank ready to empty manually. This model also includes Sensitive drying system; large stainless steel drum with textile care and revolution drying system.

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    Bosch tumble dryer with AutoClean dryer with Smart Dry is the smartest way to do your laundry, as everything is done fully automatically. This model also has an 9kg maximum capacity and an A+++ rating for energy efficiency.

  • -24% Off

    Bosch freestanding tumble dryer with condenser technology and an 8kg capacity. This model is very economic and has a heat pump and a rating of A++.