Built-in Fridges

Built-in fridges by Bosch and Neff offer solutions for maximum refrigerator capacity to fit any kitchen design while providing the best quality.

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    Spacious built-in refrigerator with Multi Box XXL drawer for fruit and vegetables and sturdy, stable shelves to ensure optimal storage conditions.

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    Bosch built in compact fridge

  • Built-in Refrigerator KIR41VFE0 On Order
    • Eco Airflow: ensures optimal air circulation and a homogeneous temperature in the refrigerator compartment.
    • High-stability balconies: higher and more flexible to offer more space and stability.
    • The FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the temperature conditions of the refrigerator and the environment, maintaining a constant temperature in the two cavities.
    • LED light: the contents of the refrigerator in the spotlight.
    • Super Cooling: with this function, the refrigerator cools the food just inserted more quickly and at the same time protects the other stored foods from sudden changes in temperature.

    This model combines well with GIV11AFE0

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    Bosch larder fridge with LED interior light and Power Ventilation System for better cooling.

    This larder fridge combines well with GIN81AEF0 for a perfect side by side solution.

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    This built-in refrigerator keeps fruit and vegetables fresh 2x longer, and can be decorated to suit thanks to the door décor panel.