Cleaning Products

A wide range of tested and approved cleaning products and care products. These products keep your appliance looking like new and working at optimum performance. All products have undergone thorough testing to ensure safety and are highly effective with our appliances.

  • 13.00

    Descaling tablets for coffee machines, kettles, hot water dispensers.

  • 13.00

    Bosch coffee machine descaler for automatic coffee centers, kettles and steam ovens.

  • 13.00

    Bosch hob cleaner suitable for ceramic, induction and stainless steel.

  • 21.00

    Bosch maintenance pack for ceramic glass

  • 14.00

    Bosch E-Cloths Pack

  • Out of Stock

    Bosch descaling tablets for coffee machines – VeroSeries

  • 19.00

    Bosch conditioning oil for stainless steel

  • 20.00

    Particularly effective on kitchen cupboards and units, tiles, extractor hoods, microwaves, hobs and stainless steel surfaces.

  • 29.00

    Cleaning and care set for stainless steel surfaces.

  • Out of Stock

    Bosch maintenance cleaning powder for your Bosch dishwasher.

  • 13.00

    Regular application ensures great dishwashing results and a clean hygienic dishwasher.

  • 20.00

    Bosch cleaning spray is perfect for removing tough, burnt-on food deposits and grease smears. It is suitable for cleaning ovens, steam ovens and ovens with a microwave function, and it can also be used to clean baking trays made from enamel or stainless steel.