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  • -23% Off

    Heating larger rooms in the house while removing dust from the air? With Caldo Trendy this is possible, thanks to the integrated electrostatic filter. The particular tower design, combined with the ceramic technology and the oscillating base, allows effective distribution and maintaining of heat even if placed in the corners of the room.

  • -21% Off

    Caleo Metal is the 2,000w electric fan heater, which ensures clean and enveloping heat, without condensation or odours: comfort in its essence. It is equipped with a room thermostat to optimise consumption and a safety thermostat. For warmth you can trust.

  • -21% Off

    Elegantly adaptable, the Caleo Glass Wifi Fan heater seamlessly integrates into your home’s interior design, whether you choose to mount it on the wall or place it on the floor using the included brackets and feet. Its modern aesthetic is embodied by the glass front panel, which features an integrated touchscreen display, and its advanced controls ensure a cutting-edge user experience. Moreover, with its built-in Wi-Fi functionality, you can effortlessly control it from anywhere using the OS Home app.

  • -23% Off

    Thanks to the innovative thermic-oil operation mode, Caldorad radiator heater eliminates the need for regular maintenance while providing a naturally tranquil and consistently warm environment. With its dual power settings and Eco function, it guarantees peak efficiency and minimal energy consumption.

  • LE-170MT On Order

    Lenomex gas heater with high performance infra-red burner with double safety feature.

    Price does not include gas regulator.