Beyond Comfort, Beyond Mesh.

Steelcase Karman

Comfort Edge

The ultra-light frame flexes to eliminate hard edges and pressure points on your legs and bosy.

4D Arm

The fully adjustable armrests can be raised, lowered, pivoted in and out, and shifted in all directions, allowing your arms and shoulders to naturally align for maximum comfort.

Lumbar Support

The optional lumbar support feature enables you to personalize the support for your lower back, ensuring optimal comfort and ergonomic alignment.

Steelcase Karman surpasses traditional mesh chairs with its 21st-century design that intuitively adapts to your body’s movements, offering unparalleled comfort, ergonomics, and sustainability.

Steelcase Karman sets itself apart with its patented hybrid seat design. Combining suspension seating with integrated cushioning, it ensures sustained comfort throughout extended sitting periods. Its ultra-light frame flexes to eliminate typical pressure points found in other mesh chairs, enhancing overall comfort and support.

Optimize your workspace!

Let us assist you in creating a workspace that becomes the ideal environment for interactive and creative collaborations.  

Optimize your workspace!

Let us assist you in creating a workspace that becomes the ideal environment for interactive and creative collaborations.  

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Oxford House excels in crafting workplaces that prioritize human-centric design, resilience, effectiveness, and sustainability. Specializing in premium office furniture and advanced acoustic solutions such as glass partitions and acoustic pods, we elevate your workspace to foster productivity and comfort at every turn.

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Experience the same commitment to quality and functionality that defines Oxford House, as we showcase a curated selection of products designed to enhance your workplace with both effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

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Redefine how we use space

Our trained Office Furniture and Partitioning Team will design the perfect space for your needs using industry-leading brands, created to suit organisations from grassroots to Fortune 500.

Our team will design the perfect solutions for your office space; from desking to sound treatment.

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Better Workspace Design

Research & Innovation

We offer innovative office seating solutions of the highest quality to furnish any office environment, which improves health, comfort, and productivity.


We collaborate with manufacturers who test their products beyond industry-standard and provide a minimum of a two-year warranty.


Our suppliers produce seating solutions that are better for people and the environment at every stage of the process, from responsible material sourcing to end-of-use plans.

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