An everyday helper for your peace of mind.

Energy-efficient and built to last, our washing machines and dryers clean your clothes perfectly, load after load.

Washing Machines

Designed for efficiency and built to last. Together with their cutting-edge technology, eco-conscious design, intuitive controls ensure optimal water and energy usage delivering impeccably clean clothes.

Tumble Dryers

Our tumble dryers stand for performance and convenience, boasting cutting–edge smart technology that dries clothes swiftly and evenly. With a range of intuitive features such as sensor-based drying and energy-saving modes. Exceptional results for today’s dynamic lifestyles.

Stacking Kits

Revolutionise your laundry space. These kits enable you to vertically stack your washer and dryer, saving precious floor space and creating a more organised environment.

Buying guide for laundry appliances